Day 41 – pretty much the same as 1-40…

Rosie went to her new family tonight. Sweet little chubster. We will miss her. Well, Dixie won’t. But the rest of us enjoyed her visit. It was cool to see how much more curious and friendly she got as she calmed down and started to relax. I hope her new people are good to her. […]

Day 40 – that’s a lot of days

I missed a day – oops. I think we are all Dixie trying to figure out how to deal with being in the same place forever. Maybe rearranging the furniture is the answer? We’ve been taking care of little Rosie . She’s got a “date” with a forever family tomorrow evening. I hope she likes […]

Day 37 – our isolation pod has expanded

I received a Facebook message this morning from the organization where we had signed up to foster dogs (All 4 Paws.) After the orientation last week I was pretty sure they weren’t going to have a little dog for us any time soon – but they did! Rosie came this afternoon to hang out with […]

Day 36 – Don’t listen to anyone that says you should stop now

Happy Sunday (at the very end of the day)! Today’s quarantine activities included: Virtual yoga Running in faux Portugal (peek at what that’s all about) Cleaning Putting down the lawn fertilizer Replacing this Welcome sign from the Magnolia Silos in Waco which was looking decidedly unwelcoming – I hope the new Target version holds up […]

Day 35 (of 3500?)

I have done very little of what I intended to do today. Maybe tomorrow is my productive weekend day? We shall see. I baked muffins, which are delicious. I attempted to read this magazine that I purchased pre-quar. It isn’t feeling relevant to the current state of affairs. I gave the dog a bath because […]

Day 34 – TGI?

Friday. It’s Friday again. They keep coming :) Pretty uneventful day over here. Work. Walk/running with my virtual “coach” through the streets of Lisbon. Which makes me nostalgic for my IRL trip to Portugal which is now a 2021 thing. Laundry. Virtual yoga. Target drive up pick-up. I needed different flavors of La Croix. So […]

Day 33 – where are the clowns?

I don’t actually want clowns – they are scary AF. Today was: Work Milk drop off from my folks – I don’t feel great about outsourcing my shopping to my parents but there it is (thanks folks ❤️) Virtual run/walking on a beach in Portugal with an aggressively bearded man who says he can teach […]

Day 32 – Don’t stop staying

The PA state House of Representatives voted along party lines to reopen businesses in the state. Guess which party wants to throw us all back out there into Corona-land? I wrote a note to my state reps asking the Senate to please NOT pass this bill. In the process I invented a word so that’s […]

Day 31 – I need a lot more erasers ✏️

I skipped posting yesterday. I was Spring Breaking with virtual yoga, too many carbs, and a lot of painting. I went and dropped off my donation masks yesterday and got a nice call from Representative Danielle Friel Otten’s office today. They were facilitating where to make the donations and very nice to work with. I […]