Day 16 – Keep doing it…or like, not doing it…

Good news today: faster tests (and more of them) This made me literally LOL I remembered to put the trash out (the bar is so low for good news) I have declared my child to be “safe” after being out of contact with people for 2 solid weeks I put on real pants and shoes […]

Day 13 – you know the drill – JSH

First things first – watch this. Or don’t if you don’t like curse words. It’s your life :) It’s been a busy day. I went to yoga (in my basement). Went for a walk. Filled out the anti-gerrymandering postcards my mom gave me (thanks Mom!) Gotta keep up the good fight on other issues… I […]

Just Stay Home – Don’t be Pandumbic – Day 12

Dr Fauci says I don’t have to wipe down my packages – we love Dr Fauci. Just wash your hands after you put stuff away. And wipe the counters and stuff. This article is fantastic (sorry if you get paywalled) and makes me feel like this should be at least a 60 day situation. I […]

Just Stay Home – Don’t be a Covidiot – Day 11

4:10 PM 3/26/20 – 84 (!) cases (up from 54 this morning). Gaahhh – that escalated quickly. I wiped the doorknobs down again. I am really very ill prepared to be a germaphobe. I found out today I am supposed to be cleaning my groceries. Which seriously hadn’t occurred to me. So yikes. I did […]

Just stay home (Back the f*** up) – Day 10

7:30 PM 3/24/19: 41 Cases in Chester County (up from 30 the last time I looked) – 4 in my parents’ township, 1 in mine – 0 deaths (I like that part) [I might be checking more than once a day.] 11:35 AM 3/25/19: Still 41. Still 0. 🤞 I went to Target this morning. […]