Day 71? Maybe?

I lost track.

I skipped a day. Maybe 2? I think just one. (Update: it was 2 – so this is actually #72 – oops)

Yesterday was a random slow lazy Saturday. For some reason the dog woke up super early (6am) rattling her crate and crying and CRYING (the wind was blowing – oh the horror!) and I had to walk her and give her a Xanax hoping she’d calm down and go back to sleep. [Narrator: She did not, in fact calm down, nor go back to sleep] I did go back to sleep amidst her ongoing protests and tried hard to ignore her for several hours.

I drank coffee. Ate breakfast. Puttered about.

I trimmed Dixie’s feet which were getting super fluffy. I did not do a good job at this and now her bony little hobbit toes are nearly naked.

She thinks toe shaming is not cool.

I painted my toes with rainbow polish and my fingers in shades of blue and gray and glitter. So many varied pandemic aesthetics going on up in here.

My friend did another wine class which was fun. I actually drank a glass alone-ish to participate. 🍷

I sat on the porch for the class and it was super hard to pay attention because Dixie and her hobbit toes were frantically pacing and crawling around behind the furniture and crying and overall losing her 💩 the whole time. Dude. Not cool.

I literally have no memories of what else I did yesterday.

This morning I did porch yoga and as I sank into my first child’s pose I heard a sort of a fluttering noise that sounded like a wild animal was on. the. porch. [Narrator: It was not on the porch.]. Which explains Dixie being such a ridiculous mess out there last night.

I tried to ignore the noises and remain all zen and focused while bracing myself for some furry thing to come flying out mid-warrior.

Nothing ever arrived (whew) but as soon as the class ended I went out to see what was going on under the porch (which I had deduced was where the noises were actually coming from.)

I found this massive nest right under the porch, the blue thing there is an outlet that comes out on the floor in there. So, the baby birds are causing a bit of a ruckus down under.

I don’t think anything is actually trying to get in. They are just fluttering about and maybe bonking their tiny heads on the ceiling/floor.

Still exciting. Especially if you are a small and easily confused dog.

I went to Home Depot to get some mulch. It was a little confusing because they weren’t letting people enter through the garden center, but that’s where the flat bed cart things were. So I walked around the way I was supposed to, looked all around for a cart, and ended up exiting and re-entering through the exit to bring one in.

Most people were distant and masked, one notable exception was a woman wearing her mask under her mouth – which, like…why?! I gave her wide berth and did NOT smile at her with my eyes.

When I got out to my car I took my mask off and threw it into the car, put down the seats, and started to load the bags in.

A nice man came over and asked if I needed help, and I said “sure.” And then felt a little like the asshole since I was maskless. I really thought I was not going to be near anyone.

Of course he also said “yeah, you do need help.” Which made me get up on my “I will be my own damn hero” horse. But I bit my tongue and thanked him for his help like a proper damsel in distress. (Also I am still my own damn hero – but my hands are a little less muddy which is cool.)

When I got home my friend and I went for a walk which was therapeutic as always and also quite toasty.

The kids and I had a whole plan (I mean, I had a whole plan and they were going along with it) to get takeout tacos and find a place to sit outside and have a picnic.

But then we thought the taco place was closed and called and ordered pizza. And then drove by the taco place and it was still open 🤦🏻‍♀️

We picked up the pizza and it was getting dark and Jack didn’t want to go someplace with bugs so we came home and ate on the porch with the twinkle lights on, which I always enjoy.

We were also going to go to Dairy Queen but by the time we remembered it was closed.

So we didn’t do the plan at all.

So that was the weekend. Now we get a bonus day tomorrow which is great.

I’ll have to put down the mulch, I’m doing yoga again (maybe, we’ll see how my shoulders feel in the morning), and we have a picnic plan with my folks.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

PS I didn’t recap all times when I went down a wormhole of the existential angst of not KNOWING what is going on. We are opening. Sort of. What does it mean? Is it ok? How scared am I? (Pretty scared) How scared SHOULD I BE?! Is my nest emptying? Do my children live at home forever? Why is virtual yoga becoming more expensive? Do I need new summer clothes? Do we even wear clothes anymore? Where will we all be 6 months from now? Do I want to rent an RV for a socially distant vacation? Can we go to Boston to check out Northeastern? Why did that guy in Coatesville tell Amanda to HAND HIM his no contact food order? Why do dogs have such bony toes? Will I ever get a professional pedicure again? Why would I even consider renting an RV? Why did I take the mask off in the parking lot? AM I the asshole? And so on…

So…you know…hang in there.

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