Day 74: This is how we do it now

I think Jack graduated tonight.

They called it the “Cap and Gown Photo Opp” but basically he walked across the stage in his cap and gown and we took pictures (and of course I cried a tiny bit.) There is a virtual graduation event next week sometime, but I am calling this the real one.

I only put the pictures here where he was allowed to take his mask off. He had it on pretty much except for these moments.

They have pictures of all of the kids lining the driveway – which was nice. They said they will be hand delivering the picture signs to homes next week which is a little on the creepy side (we know where you live!) but I guess a generous gesture.

It was all weird and fine at the same time. Nice to do an actual thing to acknowledge the big milestone. Weird that they set up a bunch of empty chairs. Nice that all of the teachers were around. Weird that there was just one family at a time in the gym. Nice to see all of the little things they did. Weird that this is what they get.

The principal said “I’m not allowed to shake your hand, but if we do the live graduation in July I will absolutely shake it then.”

Again – nice. Also weird.

Jack has zero interest in attending a July graduation ceremony. This was fine for him. He doesn’t need the future handshake.

Post “photo opp” we were going to do Taco Tuesday but it was too hot. So we went to Dairy Queen instead and ate celebratory sprinkle cones in the car.

Sprinkles are for winners! And graduates.

We received news from Amanda’s school today that they will be adapting their schedule to reduce travel over breaks. So they will start mid-August as originally planned, but will not have their scheduled fall break in October and will end the semester at Thanksgiving. Winter break will be November 20 – early January so they aren’t going back and forth.

There’s also an “all virtual” alternative. But she has a class that requires a recording studio so that won’t really work. Plus she really wants to go back to “normal” life.

And I want that for her.

We’ll see how this plan holds up over the next couple of months. I hope it’s all real and safe and ok.

I guess that’s enough for one day.

Hang in there through the weird.

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