Just Stay Home – Day 20

Literally minutes after posting last night I saw the announcement that all Pennsylvanians are being asked to wear masks in public. One more effing thing. The CDC is also recommending this, despite the fact that our idiot (yeah, I’m just going to say that) leader is not going to comply. So I guess I have […]

Going solo – Day 19 (Just…you know the drill)

So here we are, Friday night. My kids went to their Dad’s place for the first weekend since this whole “the world as we know it is ending” situation started. So I’m gonna…well…stay home alone. With the dog of course, but she just ate her own poop so she not the absolute best company 🤷🏻‍♀️ […]

Day 18 – maybe? – JSH

I didn’t get out the sewing (swearing) machine last night. Or tonight. I have to admit that the sudden realization that I am not making these to donate to healthcare heroes set me back a bit. I seem to be making them to keep and share with my friends and family. Of course I am […]

Day 16 – Keep doing it…or like, not doing it…

Good news today: faster tests (and more of them) This made me literally LOL I remembered to put the trash out (the bar is so low for good news) I have declared my child to be “safe” after being out of contact with people for 2 solid weeks I put on real pants and shoes […]