BTS Update

The empty nest is on hold. Jack will be doing the fall from home as part of what Northeastern is calling “NU Start” – an all virtual program for first semester freshmen. He is sad but accepting (as far as I can tell anyway.) I am trying to get him to move back to a […]

Is Back to School still a thing?

Let’s just pretend I wrote an eloquent treatise on the clear and informed decision making going on all over. I mean, we TOTALLY know what’s going on and are feeling SUPER CONFIDENT about the options. [Checks COVID charts for several states…weeps softly]

No Decisions July?

So this is still going on. We (collectively as a country I guess) have given up on trying to get out of the whole “active pandemic explosion” thing. I don’t like it one bit. I took the dog for a post shutdown spa day yesterday. She’s the only one who has had a respite from […]

Day…I dunno…I think we stopped…

I guess we gave up? Got tired of being careful and just gave one collective “Eff it” and went back out in the world. I mean, I didn’t. I haven’t. But the crowds of people out and about in the world half-heartedly (or really half-assed-ly) semi-wearing masks and just…over it all…indicate that the US has […]

Day 83: Proceed with Caution

Our county moved into the “yellow” phase today which involves some more businesses and retail opening and restaurants allowing for limited outdoor dining. We did not leave the house. There was discussion tonight of a Target or Barnes & Noble run tomorrow, which would be the first time my kids have been anywhere but home […]

Day 81: how many plagues were there supposed to be?

The president is calling out the army on the citizens who are protesting an endless history of police brutality during a pandemic that IS NOT OVER and then TREES STARTED BLOWING OVER. And murder hornets. And one extraordinarily nervous dog. Is that all? Or is there more?

Day 79: it’s not over…still…

It’s been a long few days, but besides keeping tabs on the news and all of the protests and the self-assessment and uneducation/re-education going on over here, not a lot to report. It’s hard to tell looking at the news, but the whole pandemic thing did not go away. I’m sure the people mismanaging the […]

Day 76(ish) – we are in the rounding phase

I love a short week. So here we are on Thursday and it feels kind of Tuesday-ish. Also time has no edges and days are all the same so there’s that. Today was, as many are, a work day. I had one call and as is my general way, I was 5 minutes late for […]

Day 74: This is how we do it now

I think Jack graduated tonight. They called it the “Cap and Gown Photo Opp” but basically he walked across the stage in his cap and gown and we took pictures (and of course I cried a tiny bit.) There is a virtual graduation event next week sometime, but I am calling this the real one. […]

Day 71? Maybe?

I lost track. I skipped a day. Maybe 2? I think just one. (Update: it was 2 – so this is actually #72 – oops) Yesterday was a random slow lazy Saturday. For some reason the dog woke up super early (6am) rattling her crate and crying and CRYING (the wind was blowing – oh […]