Day 83: Proceed with Caution

Our county moved into the “yellow” phase today which involves some more businesses and retail opening and restaurants allowing for limited outdoor dining.

We did not leave the house.

There was discussion tonight of a Target or Barnes & Noble run tomorrow, which would be the first time my kids have been anywhere but home or visiting family since shutdown. It’s still all scary as hell, but it would be nice to get out and do something, even if that something is turning a random shopping trip into a destination event.

In pre-Corona times we had a flight to Portugal scheduled for tonight. A big trip to celebrate graduation and Jack’s 18th birthday and Amanda’s return from LA and her big trip to Korea and Japan.

Of course none of these things actually happened. So that’s a bit of a bummer.

I know we are immensely privileged and lucky that all of that stuff was on the table in the first place. But it can still suck that the whole table is gone.

I worked on this project tonight – I keep forgetting that it’s even here. And apparently I do NOT have the patience to do this all in a row.

Hopefully the world will reopen smoothly without any hiccups and I won’t have any more quarantine stories to share. As much as I am generally a glass half full person that feels kind of overly optimistic even for me.

I’m not really planning to go out there and try it out (with the exception of our outing tomorrow) for a little while. I might be a little more willing to go get groceries more than once a week and go into Target instead of doing curbside and shipping for all of my Targeting needs. But beyond that, I’m staying in and watching what happens.

I have a lot of TV to catch up on and a significant amount of stabbing.

Hope you are all doing ok – I don’t want to say that this has been “fun” exactly. But it has been good to share the experience in whatever weird way this is. Thanks for joining me :)

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