Just Stay Home (Seriously – this is important) – Day 7

I checked the county dashboard and we are up to 18 cases, with 3 in the township next to mine. None in my actual township yet, but I’m sure that’s coming. I was listening to Rachel Maddow from Friday (via Podcast) and she was talking about how the NY hospitals are quickly being overwhelmed. I […]

Just Stay Home (even if it’s not legally required yet) – Day 6

I spent the morning cleaning my house. Wiping door handles with antibacterial cleaner. Scaring the dog with the Swiffer WetJet. She hates that thing. I am terrified that my child brought germs from California. I really hope she didn’t, but I have to act like she did. Looking at my kid as a risk is […]

Just stay home – Day 5

One more thing. As each section of life shuts down it’s just one more thing. We are fine. These are all the right moves. I am trusting in the process. But one more effing thing. And then another. Last night we got a notice that all non-life-sustaining businesses were to shut down in the state […]

Just Stay Home (Really, please do that) – Day 4

Remote grocery shopping is not going to be a thing for me, sadly. I ordered a few things from Whole Foods via Amazon (I know…still evil…) to be delivered last night. Among the few things were 2 jars of peanut butter, with which Jack was going to bake dog treats to donate to the SPCA […]

Just Stay Home – Day 3

My office at work is officially closed. There have been escalating levels of “suggestion” that folks work from home, but now there is no other option. I work from home anyway and never ever want to go to the office so this doesn’t impact me in the least. But it’s one more thing. The dashboard […]

Just Stay Home – Day 2

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I have a strict “no drinking alone” policy so I will not be celebrating beyond the green(ish) hat that I put on for my afternoon walk. Sláinte.* *Tangential anecdote: Jack and I went to one of those “paint a wood thing” places for Valentine’s Day and the woman across the table […]

Just Stay Home – Day 1

Maybe this is why I renewed my WordPress? Day 1 of ?! I got up at a semi-normal time given that I didn’t have to get my kid up for school. School is now apparently optional and starting optional things at 7:30 am feels wrong. Walked dogs and noted that the sun is shining and […]