Day 68: whatever

Work. Read enraging shit about how the US topping the # of Covid cases is an “honor” [areyoufuckingkiddingme] Patio wine 🍷. Dinner. Ice cream. (I think I have solved the mystery of why I’m not an athlete yet 🤔) Hanging in here…

Day 67: another day out of so very many days

This chart was floating around the social medias yesterday. I think it is helpful to have a way to discuss and compare where you are on all of this as compared to where others are. I’m a 1.5 or so. I’m not going to work. I do go out once every week or 10 days […]

Day 66: we have a Dasher

Yesterday I went for some patio rosé with my friends and one of them mentioned that she knew a college student who had started to drive for Door Dash and was making around $40 an hour due to incentives because they need drivers. I mentioned this to Amanda and she immediately signed up to participate […]

Day 64: 🧘🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🍷🌈

9:30 Yoga on the coast of Porch-ugal 11:00 Cleaned the carpet on the porch because face down on the mat it was quite clearly overdue. 12:30 Walk 2:00 Put on real clothes 4:00 Wine Class #1 – Sonoma by The Wine School on my friend’s patio 5:30 Curbside pickup at Target (I also went in […]

Day 62: the one where I achieve one of my pandemic goals

I cut Jack’s hair!! So very much hair. I mean…wow. I think it turned out OK. He was still smiling at the end of it. He went to take a shower to get all of the hair (so very much hair) off of himself, so we’ll see if he’s still smiling at the final result. […]

Day 60: The Last Thing

Today I receive an email that said that since Broadway will he closed through at least early September, the tickets we had to go see Six in mid-July needed to be refunded. I thought I was done erasing stuff, but this was (I’m pretty sure) truly the last plan to be canceled. I knew it […]

Day 59: just wear the damn mask

I don’t have a lot to share. Mothers Day was delightful. We were inside all together. We had drinks and snacks, and dinner, and the kids helped my mom with her big puzzle. I had a massive allergy attack from being outside and was in an internal panic that right when we were finally able […]