Day 57: The one that flew by

Somehow I woke up at 10, walked the dog, drank coffee, went for a quick grocery run, and suddenly it was 2 PM.

How did that happen?

Then I ate lunch, took a shower (post outside world detox) during which I attempted to color the end of my ponytail red and pretty much failed (it’s pinkish which is also fun), helped Amanda go through her clothes to get rid of stuff she didn’t wear so she could unpack from school (she’s been home for 2 months) and it was 5:30.

Colored conditioner = murder scene

Made and ate dinner and it was 7. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Watched my friend do her first Facebook Live wine tasting class (so good!), went BACK to the grocery store because I lost my driver’s license the first time I was there and they found it (whew), painted my nails, gave the dog a bath, ate a cupcake, and now it’s 9:20.

Wine Tasting – 🍷 Australian Shiraz v. 🍷 Oregon Pinot Noir

By the time I finish typing this it will be tomorrow.

Quarantine time FLIES! 🚀

Hope you had more time today to do fun Saturday things – like watching Netflix, baking bread, and cutting your own hair.

Hang in there :)

About Kristen

Me: Kristen, more than 40-something (don't make me face the number), suburban mom of 2, working girl, therapeutic writer, proprietor of an emptying nest Addictions: Iced Coffee, FOMO resulting in twitchy compulsion to check FB/Instagram/Pinterest in an unending loop, texting, hugging my one child while Snapchatting the other and yelling at my dog

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