Day 59: just wear the damn mask

I don’t have a lot to share.

Mothers Day was delightful. We were inside all together. We had drinks and snacks, and dinner, and the kids helped my mom with her big puzzle.

I had a massive allergy attack from being outside and was in an internal panic that right when we were finally able to be together I was actually sick.

But I’m not. I’m fine.

Pollen is evil, but I’m good 👍

Today was work, walk, eat.

I just did a Peleton yoga class in my basement, which was good.

I read this article which made me feel very not good.

It’s long – but the general gist is that any “reopening” is not science based.


And Americans are literally the worst at doing the right thing.

I cannot comprehend people insisting that wearing a mask is some infringement on their rights.

It’s an effing piece of fabric.

No shirt. No shoes. No service. Is a thing that has been around FOREVER. And I don’t think there are a lot of shoeless people forcing their way into shops because of the unfairness of it all.

Are there? Is that a thing? The angry shoeless hoards?

So it’s like a shoe for your face. Just wear it.

Get a cute one.

Hell – get a GLITTER one. Take advantage of the freedom to express yourself via mask fashions.

You know I am ordering this…

Anyway – that article made me mad. And kind of scared.

I need people to get their 💩 together.

We all do really.

Hope you had some positivity in your day to balance out all of the bullshit.

Hang in there!

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