Day 54 – wash, rinse, repeat

I skipped a day. This one was essentially the same as that one, so pretend I didn’t. Yesterday: Work Walk Wine Class Today: Work Walk Assemble Porch-ugal Yoga Welcome to Porch-ugal! We are waiting for some more pillows, but it is quite a delightful place to visit. To be completely honest the cushions are kind […]

Day 52 – I want answers

My friend and I went walking today and had a discussion about balancing short term impact (people getting sick) and long term impact (mostly economic and emotional damage due to being out of life for ever and ever – also death, which has pretty long term implications.) We came to no conclusions of course. Both […]

Day 51 – is there anything even left to say?

It’s not over. Not at all. I’m getting kind of scared about all of this “opening up” that is floating around out there – along with the same sneaky germ that we are no closer to understanding or beating. I totally get that this is boooorrriiinnggg and scary and a million emotions all in one. […]

Day 50 – 2020 I can’t even with you

Spotted lanternfly babies have started to appear. And no, I don’t see the eggs. And no, I’m not climbing all of the trees to look for them. Murder Hornets have arrived in America. If the remediation plan is for individual citizens to hunt them down it’s not going to be ok. And you, know, pandemic. […]

Day 49 – so this is inside…

It was a big day over here – I went and had dinner with my parents inside their house. So exciting for all of us 🥰 No hugging – but we were inside and sat together and it was lovely. Thanks M & D ❤️ My mom and I did an art project and cut […]

Day 48 – living that SAH life

Today the “next phase” for Pennsylvania was revealed. For us (lower right corner) things remain unchanged. I am actually quite relieved by this. As much as I miss the world I don’t think we are at all prepared to stop staying home. Don’t stop staying, y’all. In other news I am becoming unglittered, which is […]

Day 46 (nope – 47) – ✂️

The clippers came to trim the dog today. She now has significantly less neck beard and super pointy feet. Probably not a new career direction for any of us. I tried to put Jack’s very large hair in a ponytail and he couldn’t deal with how much I was pulling his hair [I was totally […]

Day 46 – that curbside life

Not a bad day in Quar life. Facebook added a “care” reaction – which is the hug emoji the world needs. This is jazz hands: 🤗 This is a real (virtual) hug: Although in the animation he’s a tad over enthusiastic with how he is aggressively caressing the little heart. Still progress. I got an […]

Day 45 – Cancel culture is alive and well

My Portugal trip is well and truly canceled. I spent some time this morning on the phone with a delightful man at Air Canada who assured me that I have a credit for 24 months that can be applied to the redo of our trip. I also attempted to file a travel insurance claim, so […]

Day 44 – I have run out clever ideas for headlines

It’s been a Monday. As it should be, what with being Monday and all. We did get out for a walk in partial sunshine which is always a life upgrade. I received a “survey” today asking which version of graduation we would like the best: Virtual graduation (no details of what this involves) Virtual graduation […]