Day 45 – Cancel culture is alive and well

My Portugal trip is well and truly canceled. I spent some time this morning on the phone with a delightful man at Air Canada who assured me that I have a credit for 24 months that can be applied to the redo of our trip. I also attempted to file a travel insurance claim, so we’ll see how that turns out. Money back would be extra fun, but a credit is ok.

Today we also officially canceled a weekend in late May with my college friends.

I have run out of things to erase on my calendar. Yaaaayyy.

I did virtual meditation this morning and did not cry. Progress.

Jack got up at 10:15 am and I was sure this meant there was a terrifying bug in his room or something. But he actually had a Zoom for school that he attended (what!?) and immediately regretted.

He said no one else looked like they needed a haircut and said I could cut his hair if I got him a puppy.

Master negotiator in training over here.

I went for a walk.

My friend is the orange dot in the street. I am the yellow one – or maybe the blue one?

It’s very hard to socially distance while dodging obstacles and walking on a not-wide-enough path.

We ordered pizza for dinner, which the contact-less delivery fella weirdly left in my garage. Interesting call there…

My children just went out in the world for the first time in over a month. I told Amanda she needed to start up her car so it wouldn’t die and she said she probably needed to get gas. And Jack LEAPED up and said “Can I come!?!” So they are on a road trip to Wawa with my tub of Wet Ones, a cloth mask, and instructions NOT to go inside.

It’s all very exciting and yet a little scary I must say.

I’m just waiting for them to come back so I can spray them down with Lysol [I don’t actually have any Lysol and I would NOT spray it on them (much) if I did]

Hang in there friends!

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