Day 44 – I have run out clever ideas for headlines

It’s been a Monday.

As it should be, what with being Monday and all.

We did get out for a walk in partial sunshine which is always a life upgrade.

I received a “survey” today asking which version of graduation we would like the best:

  • Virtual graduation (no details of what this involves)
  • Virtual graduation + live “real” graduation in late July (to be canceled if large group events are not allowed in July)
  • What they are calling “Cap and Gown Photo Opp” which I am calling DIY Graduation – kid in cap and gown 🎓 (and probably 😷) goes into the auditorium at the high school with some small group of family and walks across the stage (alone?) and picks up his diploma from a table. The small group claps 👏 and takes some pictures 📸.

I’d like 1 + 3 (some sort of group acknowledgement + the kid in his graduation gear 👨🏻‍🎓 live and IRL) – but we had to pick one. Sigh.

I picked 3. It’s a lame ass non-public thing – but it has more of what I’d like than the others.

Have I mentioned that this all suuuuucccckkkksss?!?

They rescheduled prom to July 25, which just feels dumb. No one wants to come back for prom 2 months later…the whole point is the last big party before graduation (I think?)

In other news, I ordered new porch furniture. Since we can’t go anywhere I thought it might be nice to have comfy furniture on the porch so we can vacation in Porch-ugal (yeah – I went there.) I considered a fire pit but I am about 100% likely to burn down the house and also have no place to put it.

I also ordered this terrifying thing from Target (to get to $25 so my vitamins would ship – I need to do a much better job of order management). So I am going to come out of this looking like a baby (or a pincushion – could go either way.)

So many weird random purchases in a time when I can’t find decent TP.

Or a Lysol wipe.

I’m off to run in Portugal (the real one – but not for real.)

Virtually living it up.

Actually not leaving home.

I will leave you with my latest fave on Instagram:

Hang in there :)

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