Day 54 – wash, rinse, repeat

I skipped a day. This one was essentially the same as that one, so pretend I didn’t.


  • Work
  • Walk
  • Wine Class


  • Work
  • Walk
  • Assemble Porch-ugal
  • Yoga

Welcome to Porch-ugal! We are waiting for some more pillows, but it is quite a delightful place to visit.

To be completely honest the cushions are kind of cheap and lame, but it’s still a cozy spot. Dixie especially loves it.

Someday I will upgrade the cushions. Maybe. The future is extremely unclear, as I am sure you are aware.

Amanda is baking some banana bread with Nutella mixed in.

Jack got up insanely late and can’t think of anything to do except to take a nap 🙄. This is worrisome and does not bode well for the long long summer of nothingness coming our way.

So much nothingness.

I was reading up today on Plandemic or whatever conspiracy theory bullshit is floating around today. Sigh.

I can’t really be spending a lot of energy trying to stay on top of all the stuff that isn’t true. I do not have the mental bandwidth for all of the anti-vaxx insanity.

I very much want a vaccine.

I also want single payer healthcare for all so profit motive is never ever ever a factor in what kind of treatment people get or don’t get.

I also want some of this Nutella banana bread 🍌.

Hope you are all still hanging in there ❤️

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