Day 51 – is there anything even left to say?

It’s not over. Not at all.

I’m getting kind of scared about all of this “opening up” that is floating around out there – along with the same sneaky germ that we are no closer to understanding or beating.

I totally get that this is boooorrriiinnggg and scary and a million emotions all in one. I am as impatient as anyone. Impatience is my middle name [not really – it’s Jean – but it could be.]

I also want to go out and do things. I want a margarita with my friends for Cinco de Mayo. I want to go out for Thursday night tacos with my kid after his choir practice. I want to go to graduation and on vacation.

I want to wear real shoes. I want to see the bottom half of other people.

I. Get. It.

I’m preaching to the choir here. I don’t think any of you all who have stuck with me for even part of FIFTY ONE DAYS are ready to storm the capitol begging for a haircut.

Please don’t do that.

Speaking of – I ordered a hair clipper set today (eBay) on the off chance that my kid will grow tired of his enormous floof of hair and give me a shot at taming it.

He said he doesn’t want me to do it less than he doesn’t want other people to do it. But still doesn’t want me to do it.

I made my children get up and go for a walk around the hood with me today. We took the dog, who is profoundly walk challenged. She raced ahead for the first half and spent the second half looking at us hoping very much that someone would pick her up.

It was delightful to get them out of the house in the sunshine. I’m hoping we can make this a new habit.

I also walked with my friend and jogged on the cliffs in faux Portugal. I should be getting quite buff over here.

Except I had leftover pizza and quaran-cookies for lunch.

Now Amanda is making us saltine toffee.

Buff is probably not going to be how I come out of this.

They rolled out the plans for graduation today. We are doing a combination of a “photo opp” with immediate family and the full graduation getup and walking one at a time across a stage and everything. And then a virtual ceremony for the whole class. They are also floating the idea of a live ceremony in late July but that feels like a thing that will not happen.

This is an acceptable set of celebrations in my mind. Not as good as the real thing of course, but a good combination of seeing him live and having him part of the group.

They also released this video of the seniors in their final choir performance which is fun if slightly tragic. Like the Brady Bunch singing a bittersweet tune.

Maybe they’ll play it at the virtual ceremony?

I have no clever wrap up here. One more day amid so many.

Keep on keeping in. Or something.

Hang in there :)

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