Day 66: we have a Dasher

Yesterday I went for some patio rosé with my friends and one of them mentioned that she knew a college student who had started to drive for Door Dash and was making around $40 an hour due to incentives because they need drivers.

I mentioned this to Amanda and she immediately signed up to participate in this cash grab. This feels like a perfect chance for her to get out of the house, listen to some music or audiobooks, be freeeeeeee for a little while, and make some cash. Everything is contact free – she just picks up food and leaves it on doorsteps.

Today she was approved (quick!) and around 5 she went to a local restaurant that was some sort of “hot spot” to see if any orders came in.

She came home around 6:30 a little disappointed that nothing had happened. Sad face.

We ate dinner and suddenly at 8:20 she yelled “A $10 order!” And grabbed her stuff and ran…or I guess dashed.

This is exciting stuff! She just texted that she’s doing another one!

So – if you want food in the Downingtown/Exton area, she might bring it to you. You won’t see her – but it could happen.

I mean, hell, I might bring it to you.

I like driving and podcasts and money.

I need an excuse to get out.

66 days of quarantine have left me with very little pride. And rainbow nails. The gig economy is calling me.

Jack is uninterested. But he may change his tune. Or he may revel in his time alone at home.

In other completely off topic news my very sad looking Christmas Cactus is blooming.

And Jack’s basil is impressively tall.

Totally forgot that sticker was sitting there…oops.

Random plant update. Moving on.

This morning we were supposed to go and drop off Jack’s textbooks and choir uniform (freakishly large black shirt) and academic team uniform (stereotypical brainiac sweater) but I had for reasons I do not fully comprehend written down that it was tomorrow.

So we are going tomorrow.

Perhaps I was clairvoyant when I wrote it on my calendar. It feels like Monday is totally not going to happen…I should block out Tuesday.

Also this morning I signed up for what is being called the “Cap & Gown Photo Opportunity” which involves, as far as I can tell, Jack wearing a cap and gown (and mask), walking across an empty stage alone to pick upon his diploma (cover) while we stand somewhere far away and take pictures.

I’m pretty sure also a professional photographer will take pictures and try to sell them to me. I will not buy them.

So that’s next Tuesday evening.

This Thursday there is a virtual awards ceremony during which Jack is receiving some mystery award around 7:25 pm. Possibly for some club participation? Like I said – mystery award.

I was supposed to have a dentist appointment on Wednesday and instead of relentlessly texting me to confirm they just send me one text that says they are closed and will reschedule.

I am not as sad about this as I was about past cancellations.

Hope your week is off to a stellar start – hang in there :)

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