Day 67: another day out of so very many days

This chart was floating around the social medias yesterday.

I think it is helpful to have a way to discuss and compare where you are on all of this as compared to where others are.

I’m a 1.5 or so. I’m not going to work. I do go out once every week or 10 days for milk and fresh food. I go for walks without a mask. But I do wear one anytime I am actually near people outside of my “isolation pod” which is basically my kids, my parents, and a couple of friends.

I haven’t hugged anyone except for a child since the end of February. I am thankful every damn day that I have some kids to hug.

And a dog. She’s good too.

Jack and I went out this morning to return his textbooks and pick up his cap and gown 🎓. There was a process to do this where the things were in the trunk and we were not to get out of the car, but everyone in the car was required to wear masks while the helpers went into the trunk and grabbed his stuff from the remotely popped open trunk.

This felt a little bit like overkill since we were inside the passenger compartment of the car (what with being passengers and all) which has very very limited air exchange with the trunk. But whatevs, we can do it.

We had to go back for a second pass because stuff fell out of the bag in the trunk and they missed it. We almost got to keep the enormous choir shirt and ancient academic team sweater. But we went back, put the masks on again and handed the stuff over through the open window.

Then we came home and burned the car.

Just kidding – it was all fine and touch free :)

I went for 2 walks today – one with my friend and one with my children and the dog to get them all out of the house and into the sunshine.

My feet are tired now and I’m feeling like I should be approaching some sort of athlete levels of fitness with my 4-5 times a week 4 mile (uphill the whole damn way I am pretty sure) walks. I am not.

Amanda dashed a bit earlier but the dashes seem to have dried up for the evening. She’s taking people a lot of Wawa food which seems odd. Wawa food is what you eat when you happen to be at or near a Wawa when you are hungry and need food. I don’t think of it as food that you need so badly that you are willing to pay a premium for someone to bring to you.

I also don’t understand the Mummers so maybe I am just not on the appropriate local wavelength to have a Wawa pandemic acquisition strategy.

So. That was Tuesday. Another day. Of so many similar days.

I welcome and embrace the lack of drama. But also, ugh.

Hope all is well wherever you are – I’m interested to know what level everyone is on the scale ⬆️

As always, hang in there. Even if your hanger is tiiiirrreeeddd of this.

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