Day 37 – our isolation pod has expanded

I received a Facebook message this morning from the organization where we had signed up to foster dogs (All 4 Paws.) After the orientation last week I was pretty sure they weren’t going to have a little dog for us any time soon – but they did!

Rosie came this afternoon to hang out with us. She came from a puppy mill (she’s a mommy dog) and was living in a rabbit coop until around 4:30 this afternoon. We’ve been trying to let her chill and keep Dixie from overwhelming her in a frenzy of excitement.

Dixie is very concerned that she is missing out on something exciting.

She’s pretty sure some extra treats would make her feel a lot more confident about her place around here.

So far Rosie doesn’t want to eat or drink or even pee. Outside seems to be a little much for her to deal with. She just wants to be on a lap. Which makes her the dog Jack has always dreamed of.

Update: She just walked around outside and even wagged her tail a little bit so that’s super fun.

We (I) have to take her in the morning to be spayed (autocorrect: slayed – no) at 7:30 AM. Poor little girl is going to think the world outside of the coop is not so great.


In other news I drove in my car to get her and listened to a podcast (what?!) and used GPS.

Waze told me I shouldn’t be going anywhere. That was super weird.

The PA turnpike isn’t handing out tickets – they are sending bills based on your license plate (or billing your EZPass like normal times.)

It’s time for some new ink. Mulling over my options. I have a whole stash of new ones. This is who I am now.


I made some sub-par brownies and used up all of my chocolate chips.

Luckily I have placed multiple Target orders for important items including cocoa, dog treats, chocolate bars, shampoo, a new cookbook, ketchup, cake mix, and vitamins. And chocolate chips.

It’s not the same as wandering around Target but still fun when the boxes come.

And I open them on the floor. And throw away the packaging. And wipe down where the box was. And wash the hell out of my hands.

So that’s a whole fun dance routine that I didn’t get to do before. Bright side.

Hope your day was filled with some sort of companionship – virtual, IRL, human, pet.

Hang in there!

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