Day 38 – I don’t care what the governor says – we are still staying home…

Apparently PA has a “soft open” on the books for May 8th. I call bullshit on this. Nothing has changed in terms of knowing who is contagious, broad testing, preventative treatment – literally no game changer that will make going out in the world on May 8th one iota safer than it was on March 13th or 16th or whenever the hell we started staying in.

This just feels to me like it’s going to fire things right back up again. Am I incorrect?

This is the half assed chart that I made of new cases in our county – it’s sort of trending down(ish) but not consistently so and without a lot of testing this means nothing in terms of who is wandering around asymptomagic (autocorrect now believes this is a legit word and I’m not gonna fight it) in the world infecting everyone else.

So anyway – I’m planning to not resume “normal” for quite a while. I do not agree with the Texas Lt Governor who claimed, “there are more important things than living.

Supporting this take, I’m feeling less freakish all masked up for interactions.

Today I had to take little Rosie for her surgery and wore the mask for drop off and pick up. It was not completely “normal” but felt more so than the first time I went out all incognito.

Plus the flowers are cute, right?


Her surgery went well and now she’s all doped up and snoozing. She has on a little turtleneck bodysuit to keep her from messing with her stitches, but girlfriend has no neck so it’s not a great look for her.

The vet tech told me I could just go get her a little baby onesie or something. Apparently she missed the memo that shopping is not currently a thing.

I tried to walk her when we got home but she just laid down in the driveway like “Oh hellll no.”

Itty bitty drama.


I updated my ink. =) It still has to “develop” into dark blue but I like it!

I also painted my nails an actual color and my hands look a teensy bit like life is under control.

Just don’t look at the rest of me.


I ordered clippers for Dixie’s chin which is approaching ZZ Top status. Little bearded lady.

Also AA batteries, because when the remotes run out of juice all hell is going to break loose.

I have such a bizarre assortment of shipments coming my way over the next week or so. The one unknown piece of excitement in our otherwise repetitive days.

Jack told me last night that he is bored with all of the food we have. I am not sure what he wants to add to the selection, but same Jack, same.


I have a virtual Pinot Noir tasting tonight. My sommelier friend was going to “host” on her patio but now nature is not cooperating so that is probably not a thing.

I miss doing things in the same place as other people.


Hope you had a solid Tuesday – hang in there!

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