Day 32 – Don’t stop staying

The PA state House of Representatives voted along party lines to reopen businesses in the state. Guess which party wants to throw us all back out there into Corona-land? I wrote a note to my state reps asking the Senate to please NOT pass this bill. In the process I invented a word so that’s […]

Day 31 – I need a lot more erasers ✏️

I skipped posting yesterday. I was Spring Breaking with virtual yoga, too many carbs, and a lot of painting. I went and dropped off my donation masks yesterday and got a nice call from Representative Danielle Friel Otten’s office today. They were facilitating where to make the donations and very nice to work with. I […]

Day 29 – Holidays Together (yet not)

Happy Easter 🐣 I hope if you wanted to do the church thang you did so virtually and safely. Please don’t be those mega church dumbasses who think God wouldn’t make them sick. He totally would. He’s doing it all over the damn place. Are you not paying attention? Not you you – them you. […]

Day 26? (Nope 27) – Don’t stand so close to me

Saturday. It’s Saturday. I forgot for a bit there. 9:30 Virtual yoga. Very aware of the woman not on mute talking her dog through the practice. I miss yoga class in a (dog free) studio. 11:30 Grocery shopping. I wore my new mask. Shoved my wallet and keys in my waistband (leggings of course – […]

Day 20-something – Does it even matter at this point?

I have actually cut my own hair twice so far during this situation. About a week ago, I trimmed my bangs, which didn’t go too badly and apparently fueled some undeserved confidence that I could go further. After a Zoom happy hour the other day when I was especially distracted by my own appearance I […]

Day 25 – Spring Break in Puerta Backyarda

Today is the day we were supposed to be going to LA for Spring Break. Amanda was still going to be there, doing her super cool music internship, rubbing elbows with the stars, paying way too much for gas. My brother and nephew were going to meet us there. Tomorrow was Universal Studios. Saturday was […]

Day 24 – we just live here now

How cute is that? (^) How did we get to a place where masks actually get a “how cute!” reaction? Sigh. I didn’t try to accomplish much today so I am much less enraged by my inability to do anything. I signed up to do this: I can probably pull off 10 to donate. I […]

Day 23 – I hate everyone (not you, probably)

I’m still trying to figure out how to make this image (^) my Zoom background. Because this is kind of what things are feeling like. 7am: Woke up suddenly and realized I forgot to put the trash out. Ran outside in my pajamas and crazy hair to do that. Nice start to the day. 8:30 […]

Day 22 – Staying at home, staying at home 🎶

My favorite thing on Instagram today. Affirmation of the week:  I see my life unfolding in the best possible way I don’t – but I’m trying. I woke up this morning and participated in a 30 minute virtual meditation class, which was a nice start to the day. I took a 4 week class with […]