Day 32 – Don’t stop staying

The PA state House of Representatives voted along party lines to reopen businesses in the state. Guess which party wants to throw us all back out there into Corona-land?

I wrote a note to my state reps asking the Senate to please NOT pass this bill. In the process I invented a word so that’s fun.


May we all be and stay that way.


I went onto AirBnB to see what kind of low-travel travel I might be able to plan for later in the summer and they are offering a wide range of virtual “experiences.”

$52 to watch mutant dogs for an hour? I don’t know about that one.

This is my favorite (and no – I’m not signing up 🙈)


Speaking of unleashing my inner vixen (not really speaking of that at all) I decided to try a change of scenery for virtual yoga tonight.

Dixie is into it.

My prediction is that somewhere mid-flow I will kick the cooler in the corner and face plant into that dog crate.

Inner vixen unleashed indeed.


My Home Depot lawn fertilizer/crab grass thwarter arrived today. After the “delivery that wasn’t” on April 4, about 5 phone calls to convince them that I didn’t already have it, and then an alert yesterday that it was out for delivery.

So that project will be on deck for the weekend.

Living that glamorous delivery life over here.


We also received this guy today.

I totally forgot I had even ordered him to get the dog food delivery order up to the free shipping minimum.

His entire brain was removed within 10 minutes of arrival. So that was $5 well spent.


I’m off to yoga now – hope you had a good day. And hang in there!

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