Day 20-something – Does it even matter at this point?

I have actually cut my own hair twice so far during this situation.

About a week ago, I trimmed my bangs, which didn’t go too badly and apparently fueled some undeserved confidence that I could go further.

After a Zoom happy hour the other day when I was especially distracted by my own appearance I said something about my hair looking not so great.

My friend said “DO NOT CUT YOUR OWN HAIR!!” and of course I reassured her that I would not do anything so stupid and dangerous.

And then I totally did. I attempted to “thin out” the one side, and cut a wee bit too much off 💇🏻‍♀️ and now my head seems strangely square. Like there is a corner on the one side that definitely should not be there.

Luckily no one can see me in 3 dimensions at the moment and I can sort of hide the big chunk with a clip or a ponytail – or just sort of turning to the right a bit.

So – oops.

Now I kind of want to cut the back – but even I know that is a terrible idea.

Someone confiscate the scissors please.


Last night I started sewing some masks to donate. I am doing a different version than I made before – I like these better because A) They are a lot easier to do and B) they are like a little bustier for your face. Much more streamlined and less layers.

I still hate the whole idea, but very slightly less.

I said I would donate 10 so I need to build some sort of assembly line to bang them out tonight and tomorrow (I have 3 so far.)


We had a virtual egg coloring par-tay today. My friend and I started coloring eggs with our kids on Good Friday when our girls were 2-ish so it’s something like year 18 for our eggfest.

It’s more fun in person but we had a good time and it was super good to see them! I stood slightly off camera so the square bit of my head was out of frame.

As you can see we used our egg spinning thing, which was entertaining.

Dixie helped.

I was especially proud of this one.

We also ordered cupcakes from a fancy place for delivery today. So we have Easter Treats.

They came just as promised. I love it when that happens.


I canceled my Instacart order. The amount of internal debate and brain space currently devoted to provisioning is really next level these days.

When I looked back over my list there were a number of things that were out of stock and it seemed very likely that I was going to wait several days and spend a premium to get a bunch of stuff that isn’t what I want.

So I am going to throw on one of those face bustiers (carefully, with clean hands) and haul my scaredy cat, square haircutted ass out in the world tomorrow to get my own damn groceries.


As our intrepid leader, the great Christian figurehead of our nation said today, “Happy Good Friday!” (I know that is not what Good Friday is about – so really, I hope you had a good day, but not because of that.)

Hang in there my friends.

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