Day 25 – Spring Break in Puerta Backyarda

Today is the day we were supposed to be going to LA for Spring Break.

Amanda was still going to be there, doing her super cool music internship, rubbing elbows with the stars, paying way too much for gas.

My brother and nephew were going to meet us there. Tomorrow was Universal Studios. Saturday was surfing lessons in Ventura. Sunday was an art museum visit.

So today is a bit of a sad day.

The announcement came out today that PA schools will not be going back this year. I knew that was the case, but it still stings a little. I haven’t told Jack yet.

I cancelled all of our AirBNBs in Portugal and got most of my money back. One host asked if I would allow him to keep the deposit to apply to a stay next summer. I agreed so #portugal2021 is already partially planned.

Expedia won’t talk to me about the flights since they are more than 7 days out. So I guess I just wait on that.

Keeping track of all of these travel credits is going to require some advanced spreadsheeting.

Jack and I need to go somewhere on American within the next 6 months and somewhere on Southwest in the next year. Amanda needs to go somewhere on Southwest (which won’t be too hard if she ever gets to go back to Nashville.) All of us will need to go somewhere on Air Canada (probably Portugal.)

I woke up this morning and actually secured an Instacart delivery window – Hallelujah!! Delivery is sometime between today and Tuesday, so it’s like the grocery lottery. What will show up when?!

I updated my wrist tattoo – this is something I do now apparently.

Apparently unicorns are powerful, fierce animals not to be meddled with. Just like me :)

I also thought it was cute and maybe a little magical thinking is not a bad thing at the moment.

The new lightbulbs for under my microwave came and after having to turn off half of the breakers in the house to get the microwave to turn off (spoiler alert: the one that is labeled “micro” is NOT the right one) I attempted (quite valiantly I think) to pry the base of the broken bulb out. I was wholly unsuccessful.

After a text consult with my Dad I ended up duct taping over it and crossing my fingers that there would not be an explosion when the power went back on.

One light lights. So that’s where we are going to be for now. Someday Dad will be allowed to come into my house and he will help me figure it out. Something else to look forward to!

The company I work for asked us to share these links so I’m going to do it here as well as directly on SM.

1) Covid-19 Trial Matching – helping match patients with clinical trials of potential treatments

2) Covid-19 Patient Registry – capturing information about patients/symptoms/exposure for use in different studies/trials

My folks came and brought us food and eggs for Easter coloring. We have our Zoom Easter Egg-stravaganza tomorrow afternoon and my egg acquisition efforts were not at all successful. Mom to the rescue! đŸ„šđŸ„šđŸ„šđŸŁ

I am taking tomorrow and Monday off for Spring Break even though we aren’t going anywhere. A little down time (amidst all of the other down time) should be a good thing.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world. One more day closer to figuring this all out.

Hang in there!

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