Day 34 – TGI?

Friday. It’s Friday again.

They keep coming :)

Pretty uneventful day over here.


Walk/running with my virtual “coach” through the streets of Lisbon. Which makes me nostalgic for my IRL trip to Portugal which is now a 2021 thing.


Virtual yoga.

Target drive up pick-up. I needed different flavors of La Croix. So apparently my role in this quarantine is the high-maintenance woman who needs more variety in her unnecessary bougie beverages.

I think I am the Lovey on this island.

But with a DIY haircut and ratty ass nails.

I capped off my evening working on my painting.

It’s coming along.

I am going to need more walls for all of the stuff we are making. That whole “downsizing” plan isn’t gonna work.

We got an email today from one of Jack’s college options saying that school will definitely happen in the fall but they don’t know yet what that looks like. And that they are excited to welcome the new kids to campus “when it is safe to do so.”

So I guess my nest may not be emptying as soon as originally planned.

I know this will come as a shock to no one but I am OVER THIS situation. I want a real manicure. And a pedicure. And to walk around INSIDE Target with no agenda. And dinner out with a friend. And to be allowed into my parents home. And a vacation.

I’m not going to stop staying home – but I am just OVER IT.

I know you are, too.

Except we can’t be. Boo.

I am quite aware that I am living through this (so far anyway) from a place of great privilege since I am not sick and I have not lost any income. [Frantically knocking on all of the wood.]

I don’t want anyone to think I am not very sensitive to the fact that I am beyond lucky in this whole scenario. My heart is with anyone who is in the thick of this fight – healthcare providers, retail workers, restaurant staff – y’all are my heroes. Anyone who is sick – I am sending you all of the positive healing vibes. And anyone who is not able to work remotely and is “not essential” you are totally essential – we just need to keep you safe. I hope the economic impact is minimal and that you are able to bounce back.

I wish we were giving you more help. (We = the US government – which I am most definitely not a part of)

Speaking of the government (what a smooth segue THAT was!)…

I got my absentee ballot today for the primary (which for PA has been moved to June 2.)

I am very confused by this section – maybe someone who paid attention in civics class can explain to me how the convention delegates are already committed to candidates. I thought that was what the primary was for.

How are they precommitted? Who decided who they were committed to?

I have a month to figure it out but I am super confused.


Tomorrow I am going to clean my house (woo), hopefully go for a walk (yay!), and I have a virtual wine class at 4. If it was warm I could sit outside with my friend on her patio a generous distance apart and we could do it “together” but since it is going to be cold I will be alone in my kitchen watching other people drink wine. So that’s a little depressing.

I hope you had a pleasant day with some sort of social interactions and something fun to do for at least a little while.

Happy weekend and Hang in there ❤️

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