Day 41 – pretty much the same as 1-40…

Rosie went to her new family tonight.

Sweet little chubster. We will miss her.

Well, Dixie won’t.

But the rest of us enjoyed her visit.

It was cool to see how much more curious and friendly she got as she calmed down and started to relax. I hope her new people are good to her.

Fostering feels like a good deed and within my bandwidth to do. But it’s hard to manage another dog when they can’t really be around Dixie.

Her boundless enthusiasm is TERRIFYING to other dogs.

And of course it’s super sad to see them go.

Anyway, we do what we can. Trying to put some good karma out there within our current limits.

Otherwise today has been uneventful.

I am making cookies. 🍪

I did laundry.

Trump is a *#Â¥% moron. I’m not sure if I am more upset about his attempts to bankrupt the post office (because he doesn’t like Amazon’s shipping rates and wants to tank mail-in voting), his medical advice (just try the drug that might stop your heart – it might help – or try injecting disinfectant – that could work 🤷🏻‍♀️), or the other 15 terrible things he’s done just today.

Why is no one stepping up to stop him!!? Why???? Oh right – Mitch McConnell and a general lack of 🏀⚽️⚾️🎾. Sigh.

Sorry. Rant. I can’t help it. 🤬

I did a pick up order at Target today because I was running out of toothpaste and also very desperately needed purple glitter nail polish.

I mean, it IS the weekend.

I have a library book (eBook) that expires on Monday so I have to make some progress on that.


Hope you had something to TGIF about (ideally involving glitter ✨)!

Hang in there!

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