Day 69: not ready to leave the red

Pennsylvania has a 3 tiered pandemic response system. Red is stay at home. Yellow is some more stuff open but with lots of precautions. And I guess green is “pretend this never happened.” We are down in that red area, which I am completely cool with. I know that there are lots of folks who […]

Day 68: whatever

Work. Read enraging shit about how the US topping the # of Covid cases is an “honor” [areyoufuckingkiddingme] Patio wine 🍷. Dinner. Ice cream. (I think I have solved the mystery of why I’m not an athlete yet 🤔) Hanging in here…

Day 67: another day out of so very many days

This chart was floating around the social medias yesterday. I think it is helpful to have a way to discuss and compare where you are on all of this as compared to where others are. I’m a 1.5 or so. I’m not going to work. I do go out once every week or 10 days […]

Day 66: we have a Dasher

Yesterday I went for some patio rosé with my friends and one of them mentioned that she knew a college student who had started to drive for Door Dash and was making around $40 an hour due to incentives because they need drivers. I mentioned this to Amanda and she immediately signed up to participate […]

Day 64: 🧘🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🍷🌈

9:30 Yoga on the coast of Porch-ugal 11:00 Cleaned the carpet on the porch because face down on the mat it was quite clearly overdue. 12:30 Walk 2:00 Put on real clothes 4:00 Wine Class #1 – Sonoma by The Wine School on my friend’s patio 5:30 Curbside pickup at Target (I also went in […]

Day 62: the one where I achieve one of my pandemic goals

I cut Jack’s hair!! So very much hair. I mean…wow. I think it turned out OK. He was still smiling at the end of it. He went to take a shower to get all of the hair (so very much hair) off of himself, so we’ll see if he’s still smiling at the final result. […]

Day 60: The Last Thing

Today I receive an email that said that since Broadway will he closed through at least early September, the tickets we had to go see Six in mid-July needed to be refunded. I thought I was done erasing stuff, but this was (I’m pretty sure) truly the last plan to be canceled. I knew it […]

Day 59: just wear the damn mask

I don’t have a lot to share. Mothers Day was delightful. We were inside all together. We had drinks and snacks, and dinner, and the kids helped my mom with her big puzzle. I had a massive allergy attack from being outside and was in an internal panic that right when we were finally able […]

Day 57: The one that flew by

Somehow I woke up at 10, walked the dog, drank coffee, went for a quick grocery run, and suddenly it was 2 PM. How did that happen? Then I ate lunch, took a shower (post outside world detox) during which I attempted to color the end of my ponytail red and pretty much failed (it’s […]

Day 55: so many carbs

This was a food intensive day. A) Holy hell the Nutella Banana bread is amaze-balls. B) We got cupcakes from Dia Doce delivered today (I’m saying it’s for Mother’s Day…) and wow. They are also delicious. Free “contactless” delivery in our area on Fridays. The delivery woman really wanted to contact me – but I […]