The 5 Things Game

I was looking through my book o’ideas and one of the prompts is “5 Punch Lines in Search of a Set Up.” In keeping with my rebellious streak (which includes things like going to MBA school because I was tired of working and yelling at my GPS because I will NOT be bossed around) I […]


A few years ago there were some memes going around on social media asking you to make confessions about yourself. What were you wearing? What’s your favorite food? What does no one else know about you? I loved them. I must have some exhibitionist tendencies – or else frequently feel like I am not all […]

Stuff That Helps

I don’t usually do this…but since I am under a (self-imposed) deadline and have no actual writing ideas, I am going to do the thing where I recommend a bunch of stuff I like. These are things that help me personally feel better when things are a little out of sorts. Maybe they will help […]


Quick update – I promised (you, but mostly myself) that I would write something once a week (and here we are), cook 2 times a week, and go to yoga. Well…this part is going well (hi!)  And I was in a cooking frenzy during week one – cookies, muffins, brownies, soup, and chicken.  This week […]

So easy…

I just went on my first vacation trip with the new BF. It was fabulous and fun, but there were a few hitches – all of them based on my desire to be low maintenance despite the fact that I apparently am incapable of doing so. The first foreshadowing of trouble came when he picked […]

Lessons Learned

On the eve of my birthday (actually it’s next weekend, but look at me being all ahead of schedule) I thought it would be fun to enumerate a lesson I have learned for each of my years on this here planet.  I am old, so it’s kind of a long list. These are in no […]

My Best Stuff

 My Very Best Advice for the Teen Just Graduating from High School 1) Go to college.  I don’t care if you go to community college or auto repair college or Harvard. I don’t care if you go full time or part time or online or in person. Continue your education. The more educated you are, […]


As a newly pseudo-single girl, I would like to share with you some of the pluses of a life less…encumbered? 1.) Burning as many scented candles as I would like whenever I would like. 2.) Ice cream for dinner. 3.) Closet space. 4.) Electric blanket never complains about my cold feet. 5.) Bathroom counter space. […]

Things Learned in 2010

This has been quite a year for me.  I set out at the beginning of the year planning to undertake 43 Resolutions, thinking it would be entertaining to tweak my life a little. Then life tweaked me right back…hard.  Ouch. So here, in no particular order is a list of things I learned this year […]