Stuff That Helps

I don’t usually do this…but since I am under a (self-imposed) deadline and have no actual writing ideas, I am going to do the thing where I recommend a bunch of stuff I like.

These are things that help me personally feel better when things are a little out of sorts. Maybe they will help you, too.

(I am far too lazy to use affiliate links so if you buy anything from a link, bully on you, I won’t be making a penny off of it.)

You cannot possibly walk through an Anthropologie store without coming away feeling a little like you’ve been to Europe. (And a little like you need all new clothes…and dishes…and books…and music…)

Working out is always good (and no, I haven’t been – bad me).  This is my favorite workout DVD of all time. You should try it.

Take your dog for a walk.  Even more fun if she is wearing one of these. Mine won’t, but if yours did I’d very much like to see a picture.

When my life was falling a part a few years ago, I read this book.  Her life was falling apart in a similar way, but also her house.  Sadly that made me feel better. I am not proud of myself for that one.

Eating brownies never hurts.

Watching a good emotional movie is a go-to.

Humor is also a good way to go.

Along the lines of “this person’s life is FAR more messed up than mine,” I recommend this book.

This one is also a winner – although there are depressing parts, too. You might have to take breaks to resume breathing.

Hmmm…what else is there?

I love buying these shoes – because – well, shoes. Plus the whole justification that a poor shoeless child gets some, too. I like the glitter, but maybe that’s just me.

The best children’s book series ever. If you can read the chapter about grapefruit out loud without completely losing your sh*t, you are a far stronger person than I.

I am not feeling the need to cheer myself up these days, all is well in the land of me.  But if things ever take a turn for the less-than-well, I will be referencing this list.

What do YOU recommend as little picker-uppers?

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