I Want to Be a Unicorn

I sometimes get caught up in magical unicorn-type thinking. If I am stubborn enough and tough enough and apply enough effort, I can change the course of history. I can steer the future if I just try harder. Dig in my heels, batten down the hatches, engage all manner of cliches… But the truth is […]

The Truth

Oprah has a featureĀ at the back of her magazine “What I Know for Sure.” Oprah is sure of many things, a side effect probably of being omnisciently powerful and insanely wealthy. I am neither of those things, and my stash of “What I Know for Sure” feels like it’s dwindling by the day. I kind […]

Stuff That Helps

I don’t usually do this…but since I am under a (self-imposed) deadline and have no actual writing ideas, I am going to do the thing where I recommend a bunch of stuff I like. These are things that help me personally feel better when things are a little out of sorts. Maybe they will help […]

Helpful Advice

Be careful. Don’t die. Don’t fall. Watch your step. These words of wisdom tumble out of me on a regular basis. Since my kids were little I have been diligently providing endless warnings. I watched them hang upside down and said – No spinal injuries, please. I watched them climb on rocks near precipices (for […]

Playing it Safe

I grew up in a DuPont family. For those who didn’t, that means nothing. But for those who did, the culture of safety is extremely familiar. Safety glasses are a common accessory. There is an awareness that every move you make has the potential for danger. I worked there for a few years and even […]

My Best Stuff

 My Very Best Advice for the Teen Just Graduating from High School 1) Go to college.  I don’t care if you go to community college or auto repair college or Harvard. I don’t care if you go full time or part time or online or in person. Continue your education. The more educated you are, […]