Love = Torture?

I may have mentioned this before, but I am a big fan of the whole “love” thing.  Everyone should have some.  Ideally lots. I am a little worried however, about the KIND of “love” that modern society is celebrating, especially for the young folks out there.  How is any of this painting a pretty picture of […]

Love to a Stranger

At the risk of sounding like an enormous sap, I am a big fan of love. All kinds. The mom kind. The friend kind. The get-over-here-and-lay-a-big-wet-one-on-me kind. The old-folks-holding-hands kind. Even the fur-covered kind. I am also a little too cynical, realistic, and practical to run around spouting sunshine and rainbows.  I also, as a […]

Stacking the Deck

I am going this morning for my annual mammogram. The procedure itself is certainly strange. The kind voiced older woman laying her hands on me – tugging and arranging. The squishing and squashing. It’s not horrible. But it’s not something I am in a huge hurry to do more often. But obviously, there’s a chance that […]

5 Things I Hate About You

No, not YOU. You, I am quite fond of. This is for my cleaning lady. Actually the full cast of cleaning ladies (and gentlemen) that have helped me out over the past 14 years. I started having someone come help me clean when my little Sprout was a wee thing and I had a new […]

Big Plans

I have huge weekend plans. I like to save projects and things to tackle while the kids are away.  Keeps me busy and out of trouble (trouble in this case involving copious quantities of ice cream and back episodes of Parenthood, not necessarily in that order.) I have tried various methods to keep track of […]

Reason #756253 I Should Never Be Left Home Alone

I donated blood on Friday afternoon. My blood is apparently quite a hot commodity (O-) and every couple of months I start getting daily calls begging me to come and donate. I actually show up to do it about twice a year.  I have good veins (bragging) and it’s not a big deal to do […]

Has Anyone Seen My Crystal Ball?

I had an job interview last Friday (yay!) About 95% of it went great – exactly the kind of conversation that rises above the rigid Question and Answer format that makes me cringe as I pretend to have fascinating things to say about “a time when I faced a challenge and overcame it.”  I mean, […]

The Dog Days

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen I was wondering the other day about the origin of the saying “the dog days of summer.” Why on earth are the hottest days attributed to poor little creatures trapped in fur coats? It seems that they would prefer the dog days of autumn and would […]

I Need A Boyfriend

No.  No I really don’t. And no, I’m not going to start dating. Possibly ever. I am really very firmly in the “…like a fish needs a bicycle” mindset at the moment.  And probably for all foreseeable moments. Boys, I love ya, but you just aren’t worth the effort at this moment.  I am SO […]

The Mice Are Away – And the Cat Is Tired of Playing

Remember that saying – When the cat’s away, the mice will play?  But what does the cat do when the mice leave?? My kids are away this week.  They went to their grandparents’ house last Sunday and I am enthusiastically reclaiming them in two more days. Seven days.  That’s the longest I have ever been […]