Hey Google

10 Things I have recently Googled: 1) Leaf quotes 2) Loser hand sign 3) Julie’s Creperie 4) Red curry v Green curry 5) Zoom address song 6) Nigella Butternut pecan 7) Anti inflammatory diet 8) Gua Sha tools 9) Kelly Blue Book 10) You know I had to do it to em

More Beautiful Living Through Chemistry

This NaBloPoMo thing is no joke folks. This is post #9 and since I was late pushing “publish” on the one from yesterday this makes two in one day. Which is a lot. And the month is not even 1/3 over.  Yikes. And onward… I do not claim to be a beauty, but I do […]

Surrounded yet Alone

My kids are stunned when I try to explain media and communications of the 70s and 80s.  One newspaper came to the house. Television could only be watched live. There were 3 network stations, plus PBS and maybe 3 UHF stations. Ours were 17, 29 and 48. I don’t even know what their call letters […]

Trade ‘ya

I have decided that one of the things the universe is missing is a “toddlers for teenagers” swap. Parents of toddlers are up to their eyeballs in keeping their little kamikaze children from killing themselves while learning to climb the stairs, keeping them on track with the potty, and keeping them fed with wholesome, organic, […]

The 5 Things Game

I was looking through my book o’ideas and one of the prompts is “5 Punch Lines in Search of a Set Up.” In keeping with my rebellious streak (which includes things like going to MBA school because I was tired of working and yelling at my GPS because I will NOT be bossed around) I […]

What’s in your bag (non-celebrity version)

I used to read a lot of celebrity gossip type magazines, and one of the weirdest, yet most accessible features in them was when they asked some random celeb (now it’s mostly reality “stars” who I’ve never heard of) to dump out their bag so we mere mortals could see what they carried around while […]

Podcast Addict

A few months back, having finally moved our cell phone plan to an unlimited data option (cue angels singing), I was on the hunt for ways to get the most out of my newfound freedom to stream all of the things. My children set the bar fairly high with their ability to consume seemingly endless […]