All About Me – Part One

I’ve been told I should write more, yet topics escape me. In order to get my fingers warmed up (and possibly my brain) I found a series of 100 questions that will allow me to focus on a me-centered universe where people only care what I have to say about me. Woo – me! Because […]


It seems ridiculous to even say that, as I am sure that in the time it took for me to type that hashtag some insane number of people just going about their daily lives have been shot by some lunatic with a legally acquired assault style weapon that he/she is allowed to have in hand […]


Halloween was weird this year. For years my parents would come and see the kids in their costumes and take them trick or treating with me. Help man the candy hand-out. Help assess the inventory after the acquisition phase was complete. Help eat a few Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups if we had too many (as […]

Eight is Not Great

I have never had a lot of trouble with the 0 years. Turning 10 was exciting. Turning 20 was anticlimactic since 21 was the year that would make me all the way into an adult. Turning 30 was not such a big deal. Turning 40 was only slightly more painful. There’s a lot of build […]

In which I rant at an entire state

Who doesn’t love a good rant? I mean, you might not.  In which case you might want to get out of here.  You were warned. *** Dear South Carolina, Just how committed are y’all to doing the absolute wrong thing? A month later…the preliminary vote before the other vote that needs to precede the next […]

The One Where I Defend Gwyneth

The internet, as it often is, is outraged with Gwyneth Paltrow. I have no strong feelings one way or the other about Ms. GOOP, except that if she can manage to do all of the Tracy Anderson workouts without crying like a little baby she is a better woman than I.  But I have to […]


I totally bailed on my writing class. I feel a little like I let you all down. All 5 of you who were following along (I’ve said it before, but you are indisputably my favorite.) I signed up fully committed to doing it. Following the assignments where they went and being brave and putting it […]