And on the 16th…nope 17th…day…they stayed home some more

I made one mask. It’s a little wide – a big headed person could wear it better than me (I don’t want to wear it and I am in deep denial that I will ever have to.)

It’s a different color on each side so you can keep track of which side has been exposed to the outside and which side you breathed on.

There’s a pocket for a disposable filter.

And there’s a bendy bit (twist tie) to mold it to your nose.

I am quite proud.

I remembered while doing this that my sewing machine (autocorrect: swearing machine) is a royal PITA and tangles all. The. Damn. Time.

At one point I yelled at it and smacked it, traumatizing both children and the dog. They were giving me wide berth for a little while there.

Really when inanimate objects are being terrible don’t you just have to yell at them?! Just me?

Anyway – now that I know what my “design” is I am hopeful that I can make a few more without violence. I’m not sure where I am supposed to take them to donate them…that will be my next hurdle.

I have also been commissioned to make one for my mom so I’ll have to get on that.

Jack has “Spring Break” next week – the activities of which will include “not being awakened by your irritated mother to go to school,” playing video games on the sofa, painting, and maybe some board games. Not the trip to LA with Universal Studios, surfing lessons, and a trip to the La Brea tar pits that we had originally planned.

I decided to take a long weekend, too. Maybe we can go for a drive to nowhere or something? We have a virtual egg dying party on Good Friday so that should be fun.

Starting to think about changing early May plans to take my girl to Nashville for the summer. We have time – nothing but time it would seem.

I haven’t looked at any news or anything today. Living in my little bubble filled with chocolate chip cookies, La Croix, and all of the Skype/Microsoft Teams calls.

It’s not bad in here.

Virtual yoga at 7.

More sewing (autocorrect again: swearing)

Maybe some painting?

I have to take Dixie in the morning for a shot so we could maybe get a foster dog. The wheels are slowly turning on that.

I’m supposed to call the vet when I am in the parking lot and then they will come take her in without getting anywhere near me.

Have I mentioned what a weird effing world it is? You probably don’t need me to point this out.

What day is it anyway? It’s all Blursday all the time now…

But at least it’s not March anymore.

Hang in there.

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