Day 18 – maybe? – JSH

I didn’t get out the sewing (swearing) machine last night. Or tonight.

I have to admit that the sudden realization that I am not making these to donate to healthcare heroes set me back a bit. I seem to be making them to keep and share with my friends and family.

Of course I am happy to help out my loved ones, and if outfitting them with suuuuuper styling facewear is what I can do, I will certainly do it.

I mean, ducks are the new black, amirite?

But this change in the direction of the project – from protecting total strangers as a random good deed to protecting my mom and myself (maybe) and my friends…oof.

One more effing thing.

Then my Instagram ads all filled up with masks…which is freaky as all get out.


I do not like it and I need a little processing time before I resume production.

I went to Target today.

I got stuff for the Easter Bunny to give to my children. He can’t get out to shop for himself these days.

There is something super weird about buying a bunch of celebratory candy in the same store where there is all kinds of evidence that the world is ending around you.

Chocolate bunnies? Check.

Toilet paper and cleaning products? Nope.

Jelly beans? 15 flavors – pick your favorite!

Canned soup? Only like, cream of cauliflower or something horrific like that.

Cadbury Cream Eggs? You bet!

Tortillas? Nope.

A few people were wearing masks.

Most were not. We haven’t reached a critical mass on that just yet.

I tried to not be in an aisle with another person. I had to wait a long time for people to mull over their chip options before I could get into that aisle.

I found a full container off antibacterial (yay!) Wet Ones in my car. So that was a big win.

Two (2!) separate orders of hand sanitizer arrived today. And new paintbrushes.

It’s all germ fighting and art projects up in here.

I am burying myself in my painting – down to the last color.

We went and visited my folks in their garage this evening.

We sat far apart. It approached a normal visit with sitting down and drinks and conversation. Of course it was cold and I couldn’t help my mom carry stuff and I didn’t like that part.

I gave them the prototype mask and some of my newly acquired hand sanitizer.

They gave us Mac & Cheese and broccoli. (Thanks Mom!)

We came home and made the dinner and ate super late.

Time is losing all context. We wake up late (the children much much later than me), we eat dinner late, they go to bed insanely late. I am going to bed later than I should.

I’m sure we aren’t the only ones.

I am appreciating the degree to which we are all having a shared experience. Everyone is playing Animal Crossing (not me, but the other people around here are), everyone is watching Tiger King (not me, but the other people around here did), we talk a great deal about medical things we don’t fully understand and grocery acquisition (only me, not the other people around here so much.)

We debate whether we should be wearing masks and gloves. Sigh.

I’ll start working on the sewing (swearing) again tomorrow.

Maybe I will watch Tiger King while I do it. Although watching TV while sewing feels like a dangerous combination. If I run my hand over with the needle it will be a whole new level of swearing machine.

As always – hang in there.

One day closer to not having to do this any more.

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