Out with the Old

In an attempt to make the most of my extra hour today I did some purging around the house. (To be totally honest I slept through the extra hour…and maybe a couple of other hours…but THEN I wanted to be productive.) I started out innocently putting the Halloween decorations away.  Then I saw the extra trick […]

Every Other Weekend

We are now close to 4 years into this “every other weekend” situation. And while parts of it have become exponentially better (I no longer wonder what to do with myself on long kidless days), there is a very real impact of only having access to my children for half of their “free” days. There […]

Dental Health Not Compatible with Mental Health

…for me anyway. My saga begins in October 2010.  My (now ex) husband had just informed me (for the 2nd…and not final) time that he wanted to leave.  Good times. I had dropped my kids off with my Mom and as I drove to my dentist appointment I was thinking about how very very tired […]

What I’m Not…

There are certain words I am cool with using to describe myself. Brunette. Mom. Daughter. Super awesome cool chick. Domestic goddess. Maybe writer. But I don’t like using that D word. I am not comfortable with describing myself in terms of what I am not. No longer a child. Never tall. Not athletic. No longer […]

Kicking Ass

I admit it. I am a tiny bit competitive. Not in a sports sense. No, not at all in that sense. But in a I want to kick ass at everything I do sort of way – yes. There are times when I suck at things…don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to brag […]


It is good to feel lost… because it proves you have a navigational sense of where “Home” is. You know that a place that feels like being found exists. And maybe your current location isn’t that place but, Hallelujah, that unsettled, uneasy feeling of lost-ness just brought you closer to it. ~Erika Harris I found […]


When you first find out that your marriage is probably over, your musical listening habits change. Love songs – yeah, no. Songs about breakups are clearly off the table. Songs about “The world sucks, but at least we have each other” –  also not bearable. Angry songs are OK.  Unless you aren’t really angry so […]


Most of my life, I have followed the rules. Been on track with the plan. I went to school. I went to college. I went to work. I hated work…so I really rebelled and went to MBA school.  Radical. I went back to work. I got married. We bought a house. We had kids. We […]


I’m in the launch phases of Me 2.0 (a term I am borrowing from the far-more-fabulous-than-I Mikalee).  Trouble is that I can’t seem to figure out what the big upgrades in this version are. Not sure what they should be. Does the new me dress only in sequins?  Is she blonde?  Is she tall? Somehow […]