When you first find out that your marriage is probably over, your musical listening habits change.

Love songs – yeah, no.

Songs about breakups are clearly off the table.

Songs about “The world sucks, but at least we have each other” –  also not bearable.

Angry songs are OK.  Unless you aren’t really angry so much as bewildered.  The angry part comes later for some of us.

Then there are the “WTF happened” songs.  A narrow niche of music to be sure.

These are semi-cathartic to the newly broken heart.  But they still might make you cry.

Over a year since that moment…in the midst of the unraveling of things…this one still gets me a bit.

The line that still makes me tear up – “What happened, when did you let go of me?”

Oh, there’s the tear…even just reading it.

Seriously – when?

About Kristen

Me: Kristen, more than 40-something (don't make me face the number), suburban mom of 2, working girl, therapeutic writer, proprietor of an emptying nest Addictions: Iced Coffee, FOMO resulting in twitchy compulsion to check FB/Instagram/Pinterest in an unending loop, texting, hugging my one child while Snapchatting the other and yelling at my dog

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