Day 13 – you know the drill – JSH

First things first – watch this. Or don’t if you don’t like curse words. It’s your life :)

It’s been a busy day.

I went to yoga (in my basement).

Went for a walk.

Filled out the anti-gerrymandering postcards my mom gave me (thanks Mom!) Gotta keep up the good fight on other issues…

I put on real clothes and went out to get seeds because Amanda wants to grow something. I went to the little hardware store near us and just grabbed these things and bolted out of there (after I paid).

Then I drove to JoAnn’s and picked up one of their mask kits. It was just grab and go – they were all piled up on a table by the front entrance and I just took one.

As I was leaving I passed a woman who said “I am a healthcare worker and thank you for doing that.” So now I have to really do it.

I have to remember how to work my sewing machine (first I have to find it and clean several years of dust off of it.) I don’t think I’m going to follow their pattern – my mom sent me one that has a pocket for a filter and a bendy bit so the nose seals more. I’m going to try to do that kind.

While I was out driving in the world I had some major “I miss normal life” pangs. I wanted to go get the cookies Jack likes at Wegmans, and drive through somewhere for a drink, and go browse Target. But I did none of those things, I just came home and helped Amanda plant her new seeds.

Here they are sitting with my other grandplants.

In other fascinating gardening news – Jack is growing basil in this thing and it is sprouting. 🌱

All of the homesteading is going on over here.

My poor college girl is bored and channeling her inner barista. She tried to make “Whipped Coffee” last night but we didn’t have instant coffee and it ended up being a science experiment fail. Today she was making various iced coffee concoctions. She’ll be ready for her Starbucks career when we get to go out in the world again.

I worked on my painting. We are having a gourmet dinner of hot dogs and tater tots.

Later we are going to play games on Houseparty with my folks.

I didn’t check the dashboard today. I can’t decide if it’s better not to know.

Hope all is well in (in!) your corner of the world.

Hang in there!

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