Just Stay Home – Don’t be a Covidiot – Day 11

4:10 PM 3/26/20 – 84 (!) cases (up from 54 this morning).

Gaahhh – that escalated quickly.

I wiped the doorknobs down again. I am really very ill prepared to be a germaphobe.

I found out today I am supposed to be cleaning my groceries. Which seriously hadn’t occurred to me.

So yikes.

I did throw out the bags and wipe down the counter. I did not actually wipe off the packages. Are you doing that? Do I really have to?

If I do it would be super amazing to be able to get my (apparently dirtier than I thought) hands on some sanitizing wipes. Anyone have a source?

My parents came and dropped off more food in our driveway (thanks, Mom and Dad!) They also brought alcohol so I can brew up some hand sanitizer (I found aloe around here.) And fabric so I can try to sew masks – if I can find elastic.

It was super good to see them and I look forward to the day when they are able to come inside and hang out again :(

We started our paint by numbers last night. It’s a bit of a vision test but pretty fun and will certainly fill some time.

Apparently starting on Monday I will be getting a weekly email from each of Jack’s teachers (autocorrect: treacherous) which feels like a level of involvement beyond what I should have at the end of his senior year. But I am glad they will be starting “real” school again on Monday. He needs that.

I ended up bailing on Zoom yoga last night, unfortunately. There was too much going on and I couldn’t follow. Sadness. I shall try again tomorrow.

Tonight I have a virtual happy hour with some friends. I think I’m going to go take a quick walk before that since it is so pretty and sunny out.

And of course we will eat lasagna and pretend we are having dinner with my folks.

Not much to report today.

Wipe down your groceries (and your mail? I can’t even keep up.)

Don’t hug anyone you haven’t already hugged in the last 2 weeks.

Hang in there.

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