Just stay home (Back the f*** up) – Day 10

7:30 PM 3/24/19: 41 Cases in Chester County (up from 30 the last time I looked) – 4 in my parents’ township, 1 in mine – 0 deaths (I like that part)

[I might be checking more than once a day.]

11:35 AM 3/25/19: Still 41. Still 0. 🤞

I went to Target this morning. We were out of milk (as I believe I mentioned yesterday – there is so much exciting news to share that I may be repeating myself.) It was my first public appearance since last Thursday when I also went to Target for milk.

I’d like to think my routine used to be more exciting, but probably not.

I wiped my cart down before I started to shop and kept my hands inside my sleeves the whole time.

This time I was allowed to have 2 milks (!) which was very exciting. Organic was sold out so we are using straight up regular. If my children grow extra appendages we will have to deal with that later.

I wandered around a bit looking for something “fun” to add to my cart. I ended up with 2 stuffed bunnies. Because when times are hard, you need something soft.

The woman at the checkout was super nice and I thanked her very much for being on the front lines.

They aren’t allowing reusable bags, which feels smart and also validated my choice (it wasn’t a choice, I forgot like I always do) to leave mine in the car.

She wiped off the little credit card machine before I used it and I wiped down myself, my phone, and my car when I got back in.

This is a very very weird world.

I made blueberry muffins because I had blueberries and needed to use them. The muffins require butter to be delicious, but I can handle that.

One of the things I am well stocked on is butter – because I have many many boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese and therefore had to stock in the butter to make it.

I also have a lot of spaghetti and ramen noodles. Our pandemic diet is not low carb.

1:31 PM 3/25/2019 – 54 cases 😖 Still 0 deaths (whew)

The under 30 crowd is not escaping this – and neither is my (slightly higher numbered) demographic. I am happy to see the older folks have lower counts. Let’s keep that going.

I keep seeing stories in the news today about how we should be willing to sacrifice our lives or the lives of our parents and grandparents to save the stock market. Another repeat from yesterday – but this is seriously not a thing we are doing.

How did wanting to stay alive become partisan?! That’s crazy, right? I always thought one of the things we for sure all had in common was wanting the health and happiness of our families. Are we not on board with that anymore?

I am still on board with that.

Our paint by numbers arrived today (and there is much rejoicing!)

I am doing Zoom yoga (on my new Surface) while my kids go have dinner with their Dad tonight.

Then I’m going…oh right…nowhere.

4:13 PM 3/25/19 – holding steady at 54…

Hang in there.

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