Just Stay Home (are you doing it?) – Day 8

We are up to 21 cases in Chester County. Every time I check the dashboard (only once a day ) and the number goes up it’s another one of those little punches in the gut.

Edit: I checked again and it’s 30 now…and one in Upper Uwchlan. So – it’s here :(

I know that these are all people exposed more than a week ago, and our efforts to stay home aren’t going to pay off until another week or two have passed. But I still want it to be fixed. Now.

Yesterday Amanda and I went out and decorated our driveway. Then it rained overnight so it all washed away :(

There were some kids riding bikes around our cul-de-sac and we were both a little nervous that they were going to say something but they did not.

I guess we’ll do a round 2 when the rain stops.

Jack is still waiting to hear from a few colleges. All of us are wondering if college is actually a thing that is happening in August. Am I still an impending empty nester? (I mean, I know I am – but what is the timeline now?)

My mom sent me this little bit from NPR about how this whole situation is impacting college admissions. There is really no good time for a pandemic shutdown. But this is a truly terrible time in terms of the college decision process.

Amanda was hoping to go back to Nashville for the summer, heading down over Mother’s Day weekend. That’s our next event on deck for cancellation/rescheduling.

I have had an allergy runny nose since…I dunno, October? But now I am super paranoid about it. It’s not the thing. I’m fine. But it’s still unwelcome and I am hyper aware of any additional coughing, sniffling, or throat clearing.

I did my virtual yoga last night and now my muscles are (pleasantly under any other circumstances) sore. I’m just in high alert for any change in physical status.

Are these body aches? Does my head hurt? Is my throat scratchy?

No. No. No. Seriously all is well.

It’s going to feel like a massive failure if I don’t avoid this thing. All of my years of immunity – foiled. And I really don’t want my children to have to take care of me – or flee. Either one seems bad.

Another thing – I don’t know about you all but I am being FLOODED with all of the things I can do to be productive during isolation.

All of the online workout options (so very many)




Take an online class!

Join a group.

It’s a lot.

I appreciated this today:

I would like to stay at some level of “functioning human” and I have done a few online yoga classes. Gone for walks. Cleaned the house. Fed my children on a regular basis.

But I am not up for a full on makeover opportunity here.

And if you aren’t either that is completely ok.

Everything is ok when nothing is ok.

Except going out in the world.

The PA business shut down is in effect today. I hope everyone isn’t waiting for the government to tell them they have to stay home before they stay home. The sooner we all do it the sooner this will all be behind us.

Just as I was wrapping this up the stay at home order for PA came through. So there you go. Stay at home.

Sending you all of the good vibes. Hang in there.

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