Just Stay Home (Seriously – this is important) – Day 7

I checked the county dashboard and we are up to 18 cases, with 3 in the township next to mine. None in my actual township yet, but I’m sure that’s coming.

I was listening to Rachel Maddow from Friday (via Podcast) and she was talking about how the NY hospitals are quickly being overwhelmed. I gotta say, I’m scared folks. I don’t think my area (suburban PA) is going to be any better equipped for this.

I watched this video this morning and it made me cry. Math doesn’t lie.

On our walk yesterday there was a stretch of sidewalk where someone had written a bunch of inspirational words, which was very much appreciated.

Be brave.

Don’t be scared. (Too late)

Call a friend.

Keep swimming.

I like that last one :)

We found out the other night that AP exams will be administered virtually. Jack said, “If they are moving tests that are supposed to happen in May, does that mean we won’t be back in school by then?” I told him it seemed unlikely that they would be going back at all. He is trying to get his head around his senior year essentially being over.

I am thankful, of course, that (so far at least) we are all healthy. But my heart breaks over and over for what these kids have had to give up and how much more is coming their way.

Graduation at Amanda’s college (she’s a junior, so not her graduation) has been pushed from early May to early August. The kids will still get their degrees at the normal time and could start their jobs (if they lined one up before the world stopped), but graduation will be later. I am guessing a lot of people won’t be able to be there. Life will hopefully have fired back up by the end of the summer and they are likely to not want to look back.

We are waiting to hear something similar about high school graduation. It’s currently June 3rd, but that is seeming increasingly optimistic.

Our summer vacation is supposed to start on June 5th. That’s also seeming increasingly unlikely to happen. I’m pretending not to notice for now.

I’m trying to figure out what I can do to be helpful. I have seen that sewing masks that can hold a filter is good but I don’t have any of the supplies necessary to do that. I have a sewing machine and know how to use it (to sew straight lines) but I am not sure where to get fabric and elastic without going out in the world. Any thoughts on that?

We didn’t get a foster dog (quarandog) from the SPCA, sadly. All they have are super big guys who are likely to think my itty bitty fluff nugget is a snack. We can’t risk that. We are on a list in case a little dog needs some place to stay.

I just signed up for another foster organization. So maybe that one will come through.

I missed virtual yoga this morning. One thing I am not gonna do when I have nowhere to go on a weekend day is set my alarm. Dixie is a fairly reliable alarm anyway, she starts beeping like a smoke detector that wants batteries right around 7:30 like clockwork.


[3 minute pause]


[2 minute pause]


[1 minute pause]

Yip. Yip. Yip. Woof!

I am signed up for a different class at 4:30 and I’m pretty sure I will be awake for that.


Happy Sunday, all. I’m thinking of you and hoping you are safe and healthy with clean hands and disinfected doorknobs.

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