Just Stay Home – Day 3

My office at work is officially closed. There have been escalating levels of “suggestion” that folks work from home, but now there is no other option. I work from home anyway and never ever want to go to the office so this doesn’t impact me in the least. But it’s one more thing.

The dashboard for my county shows 6 presumed cases – this number has remained steady for 2 days, but in the absence of any testing it doesn’t seem likely to be accurate or comprehensive. (Update: When refreshed it now says 9 – deep breath…)

My traveling child made it to Oklahoma City last night. So much driving for them. Another 16 hours or so today to West Virginia and then home tomorrow. California is very very far away.

We went to a different trail to walk today which involved getting in my car and going out in the world, which was an exciting change of pace. There were a lot of widely spaced people out there in the fresh air which is nice to see.

I found out that one of my friends is trying to travel for fun this weekend and had to (just barely) suppress some rage. For my sanity and for there to be any hope that this isn’t just the way we live forever I need all y’all to take this shit seriously. Please. For real. Stay the fuck at home. Are you not paying attention?!

I ordered a Easter egg spinning device because I need things to look forward to and this seems fun. We still need celebrations and we have a tradition of coloring Easter eggs (usually with friends, but alas…)

I know it’s Amazon and Amazon is evil, but I need to adjust my expectations for myself at the moment. Paying for shipping is also evil.

A few days ago I read this thing where if we do get sick we are supposed to take Tylenol instead of Motrin. Of course I bought a huge thing of Motrin during my prep shopping, but now I have Tylenol on order coming from Costco.

I have so. Much. Ibuprofen. Sigh.

This is me supporting the economy by buying the wrong things. You are welcome.

So many flowers are blooming in my garden, and Spring officially starts tomorrow. Trying to act like that matters. Yay, Spring! (Despite the fact that it was barely even winter and the climate is a hot mess all of its own…a whole other issue for another day.)

Welcome! But also STAY HOME.

Last night I got out all of the stuff to make chocolate chip cookies and then commented to Jack something about brownies but “you don’t like brownies” (because for literally all of his 17+ years on this planet he has been adamantly anti-brownie) and he said “sure I do.” Then I had a tiny aneurysm of confusion. Then I put away the cookie stuff and made brownies instead.

I think we might get takeout tonight. I am making a list of local places I would like to not go out of business and maybe we will support one of them.

Stay safe out (IN!!!) there my friends.

Day 3…we are bored but still healthy. I hope the same for you.

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