Just Stay Home – Day 2

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I have a strict “no drinking alone” policy so I will not be celebrating beyond the green(ish) hat that I put on for my afternoon walk. Sláinte.*

*Tangential anecdote: Jack and I went to one of those “paint a wood thing” places for Valentine’s Day and the woman across the table from us was making a sign that said “sláinte” in various shades of green – I would assume to celebrate her Irish heritage. However, she pronounced it “Slaynt” and her husband had literally no idea what she was talking about. I might be a teeny bit judgy, but I feel like if you don’t know how to pronounce it (“slawn-che” according to my research and also extensive Irish pub crawl experience in the 1990s) you shouldn’t have it on a sign. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

I woke to the sounds of trash trucks clunking around in the morning and my first though was…”Shit, I forgot to put the trash out.”

So – normal morning.

My cross country kid and her Dad were planning to start their drive early this morning, but decided last night to get started to get ahead of any interstate closures that might be coming. They made it as far as Kingman, AZ last night. Today they are heading to Oklahoma City (15 hours of driving). That leaves 20 more driving hours – so they will probably be back on Thursday. Fingers tightly and probably soon permanently crossed!

Took my elderberry syrup, vitamin C, lots of coffee (antioxidants and stress reduction, right?)

I am checking in with my friends and my dentist friend says people still want to do their dental appointments. This is dumb, people. Unless your tooth is falling out or you are in a great deal of pain – STAY HOME and don’t make someone stick their hands in your damn mouth.

My work is doing a virtual walking challenge since everyone is working at home. I got 10k steps on day 5 of walking outside with my friend. I read an article that sunshine and fresh air fight viruses and I’m all over that. Plus it is good to be out in the world even in a limited capacity.

We try to be extra cheery with our (at least 6 feet away) hellos to the people we pass. We have to stay away but we shouldn’t be turning unfriendly.

I ordered dog food online and it arrived today. A few months ago I had sworn off of online shopping because it was too easy to spend money. Now I am trying to figure out how to source all of the things without going outside. I ordered groceries on Instacart last night – hopefully they will really come on Saturday.

We have lots of food – but of course a lot of it isn’t the actual food we want to eat. A couple of weeks from now things are going to get super creative up in here.

For dinner we have a Hello Fresh meal. Jack is even helping to cook which is always fun. It’s nice to have at least 2 meals a week coming to us – I hope that doesn’t have to stop.

I think I am going to bake cookies tonight – my priorities are very in line I think.

Hope everyone else is faring well.

This is still boring. May it stay that way.

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