Public Service Announcement

Do not buy this. If you buy this you will eat the whole bag during the ride home from the grocery store. Even if you tell yourself you are just testing one bite to see if it’s any good. By the time you spend 15 minutes shoveling it by the handful into your mouth, it […]


It seems ridiculous to even say that, as I am sure that in the time it took for me to type that hashtag some insane number of people just going about their daily lives have been shot by some lunatic with a legally acquired assault style weapon that he/she is allowed to have in hand […]

Reasons my Teenager is Screaming

Raising a teenager is fun. Mostly. They are becoming more independent, have lots of smart and funny things to say, sleep a ridiculous amount. But then there are the moments where something clicks inside the teenaged mind, based on some event in the environment (usually something the mother did), and then there is a short […]

Helpful Advice

Be careful. Don’t die. Don’t fall. Watch your step. These words of wisdom tumble out of me on a regular basis. Since my kids were little I have been diligently providing endless warnings. I watched them hang upside down and said – No spinal injuries, please. I watched them climb on rocks near precipices (for […]

Playing it Safe

I grew up in a DuPont family. For those who didn’t, that means nothing. But for those who did, the culture of safety is extremely familiar. Safety glasses are a common accessory. There is an awareness that every move you make has the potential for danger. I worked there for a few years and even […]