I totally bailed on my writing class. I feel a little like I let you all down. All 5 of you who were following along (I’ve said it before, but you are indisputably my favorite.) I signed up fully committed to doing it. Following the assignments where they went and being brave and putting it […]


A few years ago there were some memes going around on social media asking you to make confessions about yourself. What were you wearing? What’s your favorite food? What does no one else know about you? I loved them. I must have some exhibitionist tendencies – or else frequently feel like I am not all […]

Why I Write

1) Because sometimes I figure out something critical and brilliant that explains exactly how the world works and it gets stuck in my head and won’t go away until I type it out or write it down. Once I do it frequently doesn’t seem quite so brilliant anymore, but at least it’s not stuck in […]

Wardrobe Change

*I’m participating in Write Yourself Alive – a 30 day online writing program – I’ll be responding to the daily prompts here. To respect the program I won’t actually say what the prompt is, so bear with me – this could be pretty random :)

Massive Edit

Today’s assignment was 15 minutes of unedited stream of consciousness. It involved deep thoughts about coffee, career, sleep, love, and the milk supply in my fridge. I will not be sharing it. No one needs to be wading in that stream. Instead I offer this: *I’m participating in Write Yourself Alive – a 30 day […]

Panera 12:29 Wednesday

She looks away as he struggles to pull out his chair, focusing on buttering her roll.  As he takes his seat she looks at him, really looks for the first time in a long time and thinks, “When did he get so old?” Catching a glimpse of her own spotted hands busily buttering, she realizes, […]

Let it Go

I have a bit of an addiction to inspirational quotes. I like writing my own words, but finding just the right ones already put together into a big “a-ha” is also super fun. I have Pinterest boards full of them. It’s kind of interesting to look at them in chronological order and remember what my […]