Just Breathe and Find Space D31

I went to see an Integrative Health person a month or so ago. My cholesterol is high and my weight seems solidly stuck on “meh” no matter what I eat, which is making me start to think I should just eat a lot of donuts and call it a day. Yes, I know that’s not […]

I am the Okayest

Perfection is the enemy of progress – Winston Churchill I’ve been going to yoga twice a week since February. And I firmly believe I am the World’s Okayest Yogi. I even have a shirt that says so. This is a title I wear with pride because it is against my nature to do things I am […]

Stacking the Deck

I am going this morning for my annual mammogram. The procedure itself is certainly strange. The kind voiced older woman laying her hands on me – tugging and arranging. The squishing and squashing. It’s not horrible. But it’s not something I am in a huge hurry to do more often. But obviously, there’s a chance that […]

Dreaming the Life

You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one – John Lennon You might not actually say that…but it’s true.  And I hope (please) that I am not the only one who needs to get off my butt and start Living the Dream instead of Dreaming the Life. In my dreams I […]

Keeping Score

I have no interest (none) in sports, yet am somehow super competitive, especially with myself. I want to be doing everything right and have a probably unhealthy compulsion to avoid being wrong. And sometimes this manifests in strange ways. I noticed the last time I was at the grocery store (where I seem to be […]

Getting Real

You’ve seen the articles and videos talking about the “photoshop effect.” The unattainable standard of beauty that has been created by the media, which not only endlessly bombards us with images of the most beautiful and wealthiest women – whose actual JOB it is to be flawlessly beautiful – but then photoshops those images into […]


This Friday, I will wake up at 4AM. I will put on my cute skirt/leggings combo, an athletic top, a jacket, my handy-dandy black hat with pink trim, and my trusty sneakers. I will apply a lot of sunscreen even though the sun won’t even make an appearance for 3 more hours. I’ll probably make […]