I am the Okayest

Perfection is the enemy of progress – Winston Churchill I’ve been going to yoga twice a week since February. And I firmly believe I am the World’s Okayest Yogi. I even have a shirt that says so. This is a title I wear with pride because it is against my nature to do things I am […]

Dear Me

January 29, 2005 Hey girl, It’s me. I mean it’s you – coming at you from 10 years in the future. Freaky, right? I just wanted to check in and let you know in a vague way with no clear spoiler alerts what the future holds for you, my dear. I know you think you […]

Love = Torture?

I may have mentioned this before, but I am a big fan of the whole “love” thing.  Everyone should have some.  Ideally lots. I am a little worried however, about the KIND of “love” that modern society is celebrating, especially for the young folks out there.  How is any of this painting a pretty picture of […]

Love to a Stranger

At the risk of sounding like an enormous sap, I am a big fan of love. All kinds. The mom kind. The friend kind. The get-over-here-and-lay-a-big-wet-one-on-me kind. The old-folks-holding-hands kind. Even the fur-covered kind. I am also a little too cynical, realistic, and practical to run around spouting sunshine and rainbows.  I also, as a […]

Getting Real

You’ve seen the articles and videos talking about the “photoshop effect.” The unattainable standard of beauty that has been created by the media, which not only endlessly bombards us with images of the most beautiful and wealthiest women – whose actual JOB it is to be flawlessly beautiful – but then photoshops those images into […]

Doing My Part

It snowed today. A lot. So very much snow. My first thought was to ignore it. We didn’t have anywhere in particular to go.  Plenty of bread, and milk, and eggs. Everything critical to blizzard survival was already in stock. Snow melts, I figured.  Surely I could just wait it out. But then I looked […]

Blatant Self-Promotion

This is me at Project: Underblog. Which you know if you’ve been around here.  But still – it is! I am one of their #31days31voices.  I am a VOICE I tell you! This is also me pretending I am a food blogger.  Although I am not. And now I am hungry because I posted all […]


This Friday, I will wake up at 4AM. I will put on my cute skirt/leggings combo, an athletic top, a jacket, my handy-dandy black hat with pink trim, and my trusty sneakers. I will apply a lot of sunscreen even though the sun won’t even make an appearance for 3 more hours. I’ll probably make […]

My Best Stuff

 My Very Best Advice for the Teen Just Graduating from High School 1) Go to college.  I don’t care if you go to community college or auto repair college or Harvard. I don’t care if you go full time or part time or online or in person. Continue your education. The more educated you are, […]

Big Plans

I have huge weekend plans. I like to save projects and things to tackle while the kids are away.  Keeps me busy and out of trouble (trouble in this case involving copious quantities of ice cream and back episodes of Parenthood, not necessarily in that order.) I have tried various methods to keep track of […]