Just stay home – Day 5

One more thing.

As each section of life shuts down it’s just one more thing.

We are fine.

These are all the right moves.

I am trusting in the process.

But one more effing thing. And then another.

Last night we got a notice that all non-life-sustaining businesses were to shut down in the state of Pennsylvania.

One more thing. A lot more things – but all at one time.

What’s still open:

  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Take-out from restaurants
  • Trash collection (assuming you remember to put it out for them)
  • Shipping/online shopping
  • Doctors/dentists but only for emergencies

Bang. Pow. Kapow.

This shut down is as of Thursday night. I wasn’t going anywhere else anyway – but knowing I can’t stings a little.

Each cancellation and restriction is like a punch in the gut.

The Eagle Scout ceremony for a dear family friend – ouch.

The 5K I have volunteered at for years – oof.

The food bank is no longer allowing volunteers – ugh.

On and on. Ouch. Oof. Ugh.

This morning the sun came up, the dog cried to go out, I had two kids asleep in their rooms – another day where all is well inside my 4 walls.

I had a Skype for work today and one guy joined the call as “Covid Man.” He said he’s trying to be funny. I’ve never met him but I hate him now.

Amidst the cancellations – heartbreaking things continue to happen as if the world is not entirely on hold.

One friend lost her beloved guinea pig this morning. Another has to put her dog down.

Oof. Ouch.

The hits keep coming.

I ordered some temporary tattoos and applied one last night for positive vibes. I didn’t do a great job with it, it’s all smudged and effed up, but I kind of love it.

My parents came to see the returned traveler and take some sweet potatoes off of my hands. To maintain appropriate distancing they asked the kids to roll the potatoes down the driveway to them. So they are pretty much the same as usual :)

The dog thought this was all very exciting.

I am not sure why the video is sideways and I do not have the mental wherewithal to figure it out. Sorry.

They also brought us soup, which they put in the driveway and then stepped away. I hate the idea that we could possibly get them sick. I’m glad we are distancing – but it is not normal to not hug my parents.

You may note that I am not talking at all about the political scene here. So here is the summary of that situation:

  1. It makes me mad
  2. It doesn’t help
  3. I can’t even watch the president talk without wanting to scream.
  4. So. Many. Lies.
  5. So. Much. Misinformation.
  6. Please for the love of God can this ineptitude be the thing that finally resonates.

We are up to 12 cases on the county dashboard. One in the township next to mine (Uwchlan.)

I am going to do virtual yoga tonight. I mean, I’ll be doing it IRL but the teacher will be in my computer.

After that I have a virtual Happy Hour with my friends.

Then I guess we are eating soup.

Quite the busy social life. At home alone.

I had been thinking about putting mulch in my garden beds this weekend but I think mulch is probably not life-sustaining. Not sure what I will do instead.

Hope all is well with you all and that all of the hits aren’t taking you down too much.

Hang in there.

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