I Want to Be a Unicorn

I sometimes get caught up in magical unicorn-type thinking. If I am stubborn enough and tough enough and apply enough effort, I can change the course of history. I can steer the future if I just try harder. Dig in my heels, batten down the hatches, engage all manner of cliches… But the truth is […]

Love = Torture?

I may have mentioned this before, but I am a big fan of the whole “love” thing.  Everyone should have some.  Ideally lots. I am a little worried however, about the KIND of “love” that modern society is celebrating, especially for the young folks out there.  How is any of this painting a pretty picture of […]

Love to a Stranger

At the risk of sounding like an enormous sap, I am a big fan of love. All kinds. The mom kind. The friend kind. The get-over-here-and-lay-a-big-wet-one-on-me kind. The old-folks-holding-hands kind. Even the fur-covered kind. I am also a little too cynical, realistic, and practical to run around spouting sunshine and rainbows.  I also, as a […]

Lessons Learned

On the eve of my birthday (actually it’s next weekend, but look at me being all ahead of schedule) I thought it would be fun to enumerate a lesson I have learned for each of my years on this here planet.  I am old, so it’s kind of a long list. These are in no […]

Getting Real

You’ve seen the articles and videos talking about the “photoshop effect.” The unattainable standard of beauty that has been created by the media, which not only endlessly bombards us with images of the most beautiful and wealthiest women – whose actual JOB it is to be flawlessly beautiful – but then photoshops those images into […]

Playing it Safe

I grew up in a DuPont family. For those who didn’t, that means nothing. But for those who did, the culture of safety is extremely familiar. Safety glasses are a common accessory. There is an awareness that every move you make has the potential for danger. I worked there for a few years and even […]