So easy…

I just went on my first vacation trip with the new BF. It was fabulous and fun, but there were a few hitches – all of them based on my desire to be low maintenance despite the fact that I apparently am incapable of doing so. The first foreshadowing of trouble came when he picked […]

Reason #756253 I Should Never Be Left Home Alone

I donated blood on Friday afternoon. My blood is apparently quite a hot commodity (O-) and every couple of months I start getting daily calls begging me to come and donate. I actually show up to do it about twice a year.  I have good veins (bragging) and it’s not a big deal to do […]

Falling off of the slippery slope…

I remember a time, long long ago, when I was so concerned with what I looked like that I would skip class if I was having a bad hair day. Once I refused to go to computer programming class because my friend and I were wearing the exact same sweatshirt and the idea of sitting […]

Girl Power #1 – Plumbing

I have always been a fairly handy girl.  I owned my own power drill in my early 20s.  I have power washed my deck and worn the resulting leaf debris in my hair as a badge of honor. But now that I am a newly minted semi-single person, my Handy Girl skills seem more critical […]

Let’s Make a Deal: Birthday Edition

Today we celebrated the first of a string of events to commemorate the birth of my son.  His birthday falls in the sweet spot of end-of-school, start-of-summer, spring-fever, good weather celebration season. His “big present” is a new bike. His friends gave him water guns and things to throw outside. He has his pick of […]

Newly Self-Diagnosed

I have recently diagnosed myself with a rare, (I don’t know actually, maybe it isn’t all that rare) seldom discussed illness.  Probably incurable.  Flares up around this time of year (actually there are different varieties that flare up at different times of the year.) What is it, you ask? (Thank you for your concern.) Nope, […]

Don’t Hide the Real Cake

I always swore that was a piece of parenting advice that needed to be passed down somehow.  This is both one of those things-I-never-thought-I’d-need-to-say and one of those how-the-heck-didn’t-they-know things. Clearly you’ll need the full story to know why I am bestowing this particular tidbit of wisdom upon you. Journey with me back about 8 […]

The New Kid

Approximately 44 days ago (not that I am counting) I re-entered the corporate world. I thought I left forever three years ago.  I started various businesses.  I worked at home.  I chaffeured children around. It was awesome. And then it was over.  Boo. So back to work I went. I was pretty pumped because I […]