Has Anyone Seen My Crystal Ball?

I had an job interview last Friday (yay!) About 95% of it went great – exactly the kind of conversation that rises above the rigid Question and Answer format that makes me cringe as I pretend to have fascinating things to say about “a time when I faced a challenge and overcame it.”  I mean, […]

Sick Days and the Return of Normal

Tater is home sick today.  His eyes hurt. (How awesome is that picture??) I am unclear on whether this is the precursor to actual sickness, or some sort of headache, or code for “I need a mental health day.” Regardless, he is home. Watching Phineas & Ferb (which is apparently more soothing to the eyes […]

Free Agent

The vocabulary for work status in the business world isn’t working for me these days. If I was in sports, I would be on the verge of becoming a free agent.  That sounds pretty cool. If I was in the entertainment industry, I could say that my option hadn’t been picked up. Or the season […]

Part Time Gotham-ite

I am a hardcore suburbanite.  I mean, as hardcore as suburbanites get.  So sort of a soft fuzzy non-confrontational core. I like lawns, drive-thrus, Target, and readily available parking.  Fresh air, clean streets, trees, and wide aisles in the stores. Many days I look very much like that poor woman over there – except with […]

The New Kid

Approximately 44 days ago (not that I am counting) I re-entered the corporate world. I thought I left forever three years ago.  I started various businesses.  I worked at home.  I chaffeured children around. It was awesome. And then it was over.  Boo. So back to work I went. I was pretty pumped because I […]